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Police visit Dancin' DJ's "Teen Dance" looking for underage drinkers

"Teen Dance" happened last night, this time, the police made a visit looking for underage drinking sometime before 8pm. We're told it started down by K-Mart when employees reported some kids were drinking and had "Hard Liquor" in their possession. It ... (Read 8256 times) 0 Full story

Man protesting abortion ran off by police

The man in the blue shirt was holding a sign protesting abortion near Planned Parenthood today on National Road, that is until police came and ran him off. Just prior to the photo being taken the protestor turned the sign ... (Read 3483 times) 9 Full story

International School of Columbus "Nothing happened, your child must have been confused."

The Purpose of the International School of Columbus is to create a safe and personalized environment for students to become well rounded, engaged citizens. - FAIL ... (Read 5296 times) 17 Full story

Police chase down Brooks Street ends in arrest

He had a suspended license reports said, so he took off when police attempted to stop him and tell him to turn on his lights during the foggy morning. ... (Read 2672 times) 0 Full story

Updated - Police pull gun on suspect during pull over 3rd street bridge

The photo posted on our Facebook wall said...  "Several police cruisers had a silver pt cruiser pulled over. K-9 unit out and guns drawn! Cross traffic not stopped if they had to shoot what could have happened? I was able ... (Read 4953 times) 35 Full story

Police talk with panhandlers near Walmart on 10th

We have seen panhandlers almost everywhere in Columbus holding signs asking for money; National Road by Wendy's and out on Johnathan Moore Pike by Wendy's and McDonalds, and the most often place I've seen them is at Walmart on 10th ... (Read 3400 times) 9 Full story

After 102 days being Mayor, Kristen Brown makes right decision(s) - Kudos to her!

"Gasoline expenses are looked at by department not by vehicle. Last year Mayor Armstrong's vehicle used about $2600 in fuel, and his vehicle was used primarily for personal use. " - Kristen ... (Read 4427 times) 42 Full story

Family pulled over on Gladstone; kid riding in truck bed - gets warning

We can only speculate here, but today at 6pm, we spotted a sheriff pulling over a blue Dodge with blue wheels and a wolf license plate on the front with a child standing next to the officer as the kids ... (Read 23775 times) 3 Full story

Fatal Accident on 65 today closes 3 lanes of traffic

One woman was killed and two children injured in a single-car crash in Bartholomew County Saturday. ... (Read 4158 times) 0 Full story

Undercover Police sitting with lights on near Smith School

Nothing really going on... yet... but it peaked the neighbors intrest in what he was doing. He might be just sitting there doing work and put his lights on to alert motorists.              ... (Read 2456 times) 0 Full story

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