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Santa spotted, takes advantage of low fuel prices

It seems that even Santa needs to enjoy the 'low priced gas' at Krogers. $2.99 He must only take his sleigh on Dec 24. (Read 2867 times) 0 Full story

Obama Statue pops up on Election Day "Evict the Obamanable Spender"

Commuters were greeted by a full size statue of a man wearing an Obama mask along Taylor road today. Not sure how long the statue was up, but I think it was put up sometime early this AM since today ... (Read 18548 times) 0 Full story

McDonald's sells cheeseburgers without the meat, a new low calorie meal

Now I am normally not one to gripe over my food, since I work in a restaurant. But this is what the McDonald's on national road gave me. All I ordered was a cheeseburger and a coke and they couldn't ... (Read 4387 times) 7 Full story

If you don't have a truck for a 18' board, chain it to the side of your car

I am just amazed at this person and I am wondering do you think they have a flag... lol (Read 4149 times) 1 Full story

Casket hauled on top of vehicle in Taylorsville

This was spotted at Cracker Barrel in Taylorsville, it isn't everyday you see what appears to be a casket hauled on the top of a vehicle. Submitted photo (Read 2749 times) 1 Full story

FED EX Driver clips delivery truck downtown Columbus

It happens to the best of us... (Read 2048 times) 0 Full story

Misspelled signs that make you go hmm... This one spotted at McDonald's on National

We received this photo the other day with the caption "People at McDonald's don't even take the time to spell lemonade right." - it was spotted at Mcdonalds on National Road near Target. If you have spotted a misspelled sign (Read 4894 times) 4 Full story

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