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Kristen Brown "heard" saying she hated Chinese.... while on trip to China

Interesting article in the Republic today about the second department head leaving the Mayor's staff.  Unfortunately, this article is incorrect - Rod Blaisdel was forced out as the Airport Manager, Robin Hilber resigned as the Mayor's Administrative Assistant, Jim Clouse ... (Read 8013 times) 14 Full story

Kristen Brown with the look of "intent, disgust" or just confusion of why

This photo is of Kristen Brown at the Columbus Board of Public Works and Safety meeting at City Hall June 26th with the look of anger, rage, disgust, I don't know but she doesn't look happy. The photo was taken ... (Read 2717 times) 3 Full story


Looks like P101 was right again. City Council says ambulance decisions need oversight and in the Republic's article, Kristen questions why CRH needs to be involved? You have got to be kidding me! She IS AN IDIOT! Patients picked up ... (Read 3972 times) 20 Full story

Kristen Brown, does she have a vendetta against local city employees?

The actions are either criminal or they are not. If Kristen is not willing to pursue criminal charges, then how, exactly, is she metting out disciplinary action for things that happened under the previous administration? ... (Read 4437 times) 7 Full story

After a decade - City Garage employees reprimanded by Kristen Brown for illegal "Slush Fund" activities

City employees have been reaping the rewards of selling scrap metal on city time for over a decade and the last administration allowed it to happen but not this one. Kudos to Kristen! It is said for over 12 years City ... (Read 5257 times) 15 Full story

Local Cricket & Lacrosse groups having hard to time getting access to public parks

There are groups locally attempting to start cricket and lacrosse here in Columbus. But according to Parks and Rec, ALL the playing fields in our parks are booked solid. We have NO room for growth of amateur ... (Read 3270 times) 5 Full story

Kristen Brown fired Sue Chapple because... and "I can't be everywhere... uh, that uh, my presence is requested."

Kristen was asked by Stan Jastrzebski, during May 2nd Ask the Mayor, about "I wanted to get to a couple of things that came to us from a letter (read that here) we received here. A letter we were led ... (Read 6047 times) 13 Full story

Mayor Kristen to attend ARC Autism Walk this Sunday with "Red Carpet Speech"

It isn't anything uncommon for the staff or assistant to the mayor write their speeches; Judy Jackson did it the whole time Mayor Fred was in office. It is just good practice for the mayor to act like they know ... (Read 2645 times) 6 Full story

Kristen Brown's failure to fulfill her campaign promise is revealing on several levels

Kristen Brown's failure to fulfill her campaign promise of repealing trash toter fees is revealing on several levels. First, there's the obvious problem - Brown campaigned on doing away with fees associated with city services.  Today, she announced that yes, she ... (Read 2183 times) 4 Full story

Under a cloud of secrecy rumors fester; Kristen Brown lied, or...

If we can all agree that it did happen in the way we were promised, including transparency and openness then what other issues are there with Mayor Brown?I don't particularly care WHO the PERSON of the fire chief is. I ... (Read 3110 times) 2 Full story

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