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City of Columbus (Kristen Brown) allowing a public works (with tax payer $$) scam which is plaguing Barth Co, Indiana.

Over the last few months, there have been several public works roofing projects that have not been put out to public bid. One being schools owned by BCSC(McDowell & Richards Schools), the other being Hamilton Center Skating rink, that is ... (Read 5275 times) 0 Full story

Kristen Brown "heard" saying she hated Chinese.... while on trip to China

Interesting article in the Republic today about the second department head leaving the Mayor's staff.  Unfortunately, this article is incorrect - Rod Blaisdel was forced out as the Airport Manager, Robin Hilber resigned as the Mayor's Administrative Assistant, Jim Clouse ... (Read 8013 times) 14 Full story

Kristen Brown abandons "Ask the Mayor" after she was "ambushed" to be Transparent

It was May 2, 2012 when Kristen was last on WFIU's Ask the Mayor. A segment the former Mayor, Fred Armstrong was on monthly from as early as February 2008 until his departure as Mayor of Columbus 2012. Kristen has ... (Read 6272 times) 8 Full story

Kristen Brown commiting Political Suicide - disgrace to Republican Party

The ppl serving on her council do not even want anything to do with her! She is ridiculous! ... (Read 7502 times) 33 Full story

Kristen Brown points out The Republic left out details about ambulance level scenarios

The Republic published an article, Ambulance plans differ on subsidy, yesterday, June 27th and Kristen wasn't leaving out the important point the paper seem to overlook. "A very important point that isn't mentioned is that the level of service ... (Read 4273 times) 2 Full story

Kristen Brown Smacks Volunteer Fire Fighters

You may have read the recent string of stories in The Republic demonstrating the emerging series of problems with Mayor Kristen Brown's recent ambulance service proposals.  But if you haven't read below the fold, you're missing an ... (Read 6532 times) 39 Full story

Throwing the Columbus Fire Department into the emergency paramedic ambulance business is a monumental mistake

White river township just went into the paramedic ambulance service. ... (Read 3964 times) 2 Full story

The hospital definitely shouldn't have a voting seat or play in the contract just the approval of it

Observer "Kristen and Phil Swaim do not want public input outside of City Council meetings probably because most of Columbus is uneducated compared to our Harvard educated idiot. Swaim has commented about how many boards and how much oversight there ... (Read 2723 times) 5 Full story

Kristen Brown is extremely vindictive & has systematically reduced public input into public affairs

T - Mayor Brown has systematically reduced public input into public affairs and governed by fiat. The only reason she doesn't want CRH in the room is because they disagree with her. If she was interested ... (Read 4291 times) 4 Full story

I think we have different definitions of "disaster."

All I know about Scalf is that she managed to get a raise for city employees a raise and reduce the amount of the trash tax both as the only member of her party on the council.  Oh, and she ... (Read 2639 times) 1 Full story

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