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Inside Columbus East with water raging 2008

Columbus, East High School. Water was rushing into basketboll court at basement of School. In couple of minutes, water level was 4 feet. (Read 2324 times) 0 Full story

Flood Wall Construction Begins At Columbus Regional Hospital

WTIU's Stan Jastrebski reports on the beginning of construction for a FEMA-mandated wall to hold back waters in the next hundred-year flood for the Columbus Regional Hospital. ... (Read 3246 times) 0 Full story

High Water mark Revealed at 17th Street and Mill Race Park

      Paul Franke, Larry Kleinhenz, Mayor Fred Armstrong and Carl Lienhoop all spoke at the 17th Street bridge while a group of people huddled around. Larry stated "just think we wouldn't have been able to stand here last year... its just amazing" then moments ... (Read 11018 times) 0 Full story

Cell Phone Video Flood 2008

If you have a video please send them to me so I can upload it... columbusind@gmail.com ... (Read 2112 times) 0 Full story

Kid riding bike through flood water on 46 video

This kid is lucky... could have been washed away (Read 1993 times) 0 Full story

Pennsylvania Street Flood Video 2008

Take a look at the car floating... the water was still rising... be patient while video loads... it is large (Read 1823 times) 0 Full story

Columbus EAST Flood Video 2008

Thanks to Lynn for the upload, be patient while the video loads... it is only 15 secs long... ... (Read 1825 times) 0 Full story

Flood 2008 Video by Photolicious Keepsakes

This is a collection of photo's from Saturday's Flood Damage. ... (Read 1948 times) 0 Full story

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