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Columbus Regional Hospital Nurse Yells at Patient for Having Seizure after Surgery

The patient then tells us the words “I’m having seizure, check my records” were forced to the nurse. However, the nurse didn’t believe our patient. The nurse told the patient that it wasn’t a seizure because of speaking, ... (Read 12399 times) 5 Full story

Rock on with your AC - Air Conditioning for Lifeline Helicopter

YES, that is a $125 window air conditioning unit with $25 worth of flex dryer pipe keeping a $2,000,000 Helicopter cool :) Whatever it takes to keep those cool who are out saving lives! Rock on with your AC! (Read 8747 times) 0 Full story

Sources Say... Columbus Regional Hospital to be Sold to I.U. Medical

Is it true? We don't know. Yet..... ... (Read 2927 times) 0 Full story

Accident on 25th and Marr

This crash happened around 3:30pm at the intersection at 25th and Marr road. The photos were submitted - thank you ... (Read 2239 times) 0 Full story

Throwing the Columbus Fire Department into the emergency paramedic ambulance business is a monumental mistake

White river township just went into the paramedic ambulance service. ... (Read 3964 times) 2 Full story


Looks like P101 was right again. City Council says ambulance decisions need oversight and in the Republic's article, Kristen questions why CRH needs to be involved? You have got to be kidding me! She IS AN IDIOT! Patients picked up ... (Read 3972 times) 20 Full story

ColumBUS - Call-a-Bus passenger needed medical attention today

It is reported an ambulance was called for a passenger on the Call-a-Bus today around 12:45 but first on scene was Columbus Fire department. 3 CRH arrived about 12:54pm today.  ... (Read 2299 times) 0 Full story

The real reason behind Columbus Regional Hospital's name change to "Health"

Did Columbus Regional Hospital changed their name to "Columbus Regional Health" to follow suit without other health care facilities or because of the partnership with Clarian Cardiovascular? As Paige Harden, spokeswoman for CRH says “We are not aligning with any other ... (Read 4278 times) 14 Full story

CRH doesn't pay the personel on EMS

  "For an extra little tid bit of info. CRH doesn't pay the personel on EMS 1, 2, 3, or 4 from like 10pm-5am. EMS-5 is paid 24/7 and if a run comes in anywhere in the county between the hours ... (Read 2406 times) 2 Full story

Can the city really trust what Kristen Brown says?

The more I read that article about the ambulance service, raised even more of my eye brow. We all know the erroneous statement Mayor Brown made “the hospital has just four ambulances, only one of which is ... (Read 2866 times) 29 Full story

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