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Police close 4 blocks looking for evidence tossed from White Explorer during traffic stop

Justin A. Bowles, 30, was arrested late Monday after a chase that went about 20 to 25 mph, police said. Sheriffs department said he was booked for resisting law enforcement, habitual traffic violator, possession of controlled substance. During the chase, ... (Read 4163 times) 2 Full story

Man protesting abortion ran off by police

The man in the blue shirt was holding a sign protesting abortion near Planned Parenthood today on National Road, that is until police came and ran him off. Just prior to the photo being taken the protestor turned the sign ... (Read 3483 times) 9 Full story

Police talk with panhandlers near Walmart on 10th

We have seen panhandlers almost everywhere in Columbus holding signs asking for money; National Road by Wendy's and out on Johnathan Moore Pike by Wendy's and McDonalds, and the most often place I've seen them is at Walmart on 10th ... (Read 3400 times) 9 Full story

To Pursue or Not to Pursue, when conditions allow is the question

Today reports of a high speed pursuit of a motorcycle which we're told ended due to traffic congestion. We started getting reports of a police chase occurring near  7th and McKinley around 3:30pm. We mocked the situation and said "It is ... (Read 2105 times) 3 Full story

Maybe the FBI visiting Columbuzz should have been a tip-off

We reported yesterday the FBI was visiting Columbuzz and today warrants were served on Stat Ambulance on Central Ave. We hope to bring you more information once we get it.  It was reported "Agents were serving search warrants in a case ... (Read 3322 times) 0 Full story

Columbus PD gets the new 2012 Chevy Caprice PPV cruiser

After a 15-year absence, the Chevy Caprice is reborn for police departments only and Columbus PD has the 9C1 Chevy Caprice PPV with the optional 6.0L V8 (which wasn't any additional charge) with 355 hp, Active Fuel. The ... (Read 5396 times) 5 Full story

Pullover on Central Ave - Black Mustang

Happens all the time pull overs, we received an email tonight with this video. I still don't understand why those who are pulled over turn their hazard lights on - the cop car lets people know you're there in the ... (Read 3576 times) 0 Full story

CPD officer collides with rear of car early this AM

It happened when a school bus came to a stop in front of Triangle Court on Middle road to pick children up for school. A car sitting behind the bus and was stuck by a CPD officer. What caused the ... (Read 3151 times) 37 Full story

Man who robbed elderly, disabled woman at gun point still on the loose

The elderly, disabled Columbus woman who was robbed in her East Columbus home, near north Hughes street., Jan, 7th, is asking for help in locating the suspect. The Man  still have CPD scratching their heads to his whereabouts and ... (Read 1750 times) 0 Full story

Woman hits woman in cross walk during the morning hours

It happened around 7:30am this morning, a Chloe C. Green, 18, was stuck while she was in the cross walk by a Linda L. Elkins, 62, at the intersection of Middle Road and Poshard Drive. Moments after it happened people pulled ... (Read 5048 times) 0 Full story

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