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ColumBUS - Camera not working becomes he said / she said situation

It isn't any secret Kristen Brown said complaints made against the former Transit Director lead to her termination, however it seems Kristen isn't telling the whole truth about how complaints are handled.  The ColumBUS's have cameras installed, on all the buses, ... (Read 3024 times) 2 Full story

Columbus Indiana mentioned on Forbes "America's Prettiest Towns"

I might add, Columbus isn't a town it is a City! ... (Read 3325 times) 0 Full story

Columbus Utilities has a much bigger problem because of neglect, geyser may blow!

We took a trip out to the Southern Water Treatment plant out near the 4H fairgrounds today and discovered the leak reported back in August 2011 has grown in size and now is bubbling in a constant flow out the surface. You ... (Read 3077 times) 2 Full story

City Utilities will correct the issue with "Engineer" title of employee

We received a response from the email we brought you earlier about Ed Bergsieker holding the title "Utilities Engineer" which he has held 1998. Keith Reeves, Director of Columbus Utilities, responded today and had this to say; "Mr. Bergsieker holds a ... (Read 2643 times) 2 Full story

Columbus Man imports 2 pounds of meth every month under CPD noses results in FBI bust

Makes you wonder how Columbus Police wasn't involved with this investigation. ... (Read 7051 times) 2 Full story

Kristen Brown our Mayor of Columbus

Taken from the Mayors Facebook Page. ... (Read 3908 times) 26 Full story

Needing advice on this rent situation, Merry Christmas!

I live in Wexford Apartments of Taylorsville, located in Columbus Indiana. If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have told you I loved my apartment, its complex, and even my late landlord (Tiffany Pineda) ... (Read 5299 times) 8 Full story

House on 31st Street decorated for Christmas

Visit the home - 3120 31st ST ... (Read 3874 times) 0 Full story

Top 10 Employers in Columbus Indiana with history!

Thought you would want to know this information... makes you think. ... (Read 12120 times) 0 Full story

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