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What the paper didn't tell you about "Spice"


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One of the newest ways to get a quick buzz or high nowadays is to smoke “spice” otherwise known as the lab made weed, or K2. It is very commonly used by people on probation or involved in anything that requires a urinalysis because it is so rarely tested for.

 It starts with that simple decision to smoke a little Spice and it eventually leads you back to your worst enemy.

 Spice has been around since about 2002 and is treated like other illegal drugs in many countries around the world.  

In the United States, it is not illegal and can be purchased at convenience stores, smoke shops and other locations, and even online.  

Kids are learning about Spice and other similar products and are enticed by them because they claim to be natural herbs, aren't illegal, and are relatively inexpensive to buy. Even though the package's say "not for human use"

"Spice" which features plant material coated with synthetic marijuana and is sold legally except in Indiana it is against the law. Spice gold

"State legislators made it illegal to sell or possess earlier this year, but manufacturers can get around that law by slightly altering the chemical ingredients."Spice exotic blend that releases a rich aroma when burned. The premium Spice Gold blend. Packed in high quality re-sealable pouches to ensure freshness.

"Spice" products are known to create the same euphoria as marijuana.

The various brand names, including SPICE DIAMOND, SPICE GOLD, SPICE ARCTIC SYNERGY, Jah Rush, GENIE, MOJO, ECSPHORIA, AM-630, AM-694, AM-1241, JWH-007, JWH-015, JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-081, JWH-122.

Currently there is no reliable urine or blood test that can detect synthetic cannabis.

What are the dangers?  Since Spice produces a high similar to marijuana, all of the behavioral and health risks associated with marijuana also apply to Spice.
The plants contained in Spice have been used ritually by ancient cultures throughout the world. Spice releases a pleasing aroma that is acceptable anywhere, anytime. It is perfect whilst chilling out at home or with friends. Packaged in a high quality re-sealable pouch to ensure freshness.

This means that it can interfere with driving, use of machinery, affect the ability to concentrate, cause paranoia and panic attacks, and can easily be overdosed since most users are unfamiliar with the substance and it comes in several different strengths. 

Additionally, since it isn't known exactly what the ingredients are in many of these products, unexpected adverse affects like nausea, spiked blood pressure and heart rates, anxiety, paranoia, extreme headaches, fatigue, slurred speech and paralyzing seizures could occur and that makes these blends dangerous.

Spice Diamond

The long-term effects of spice are unknown; however there have hundreds of reports about hospitalizations, seizures, and suicides resulting from spice use.  


Spice holds its own little spot in the relapse cycle. When a person is coming off drugs or has even been sober for a period of time; let’s say they decide it would be ok to smoke a little spice.

So they smoke and remember how much they miss getting high, so they start to make a little habit of smoking Spice. Eventually that spice high gets old, so they decide to go back to their original drug of choice.

With the changing Chemical compond of "Spice" trying to know if the exact product is against Indiana law is like chasing a moving target.

Below are some photo's of the Jungle Juice Zero Gravity Herbal Potpourri 3g and 1.5g $30 Incense, another form of Spice around town, if you see kids with this take it away!


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Me 18/11/2011 06:35:57
bad writing this time. what the hell is the jungle juice and why is it thrown in at the end? is it like spice? the writing about how spice smokers miss getting high and eventually return to their drug of choice "reeks" of being from someone who has never smoked weed before, and/or has never understood any addiciton.

Good try though NW or whomever wrote this. but I think your sources are not telling you the whole story or you are listening to not enough people and dont have a whole view of the situation. besides. if this stuff is illegal in Indiana then how is this story revelant anyway?

Just mho.

PS I have never tried spice or any other fake weed alternative, and I do not smoke anything now or have I in the past decade =D
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Paula Jarrett 18/11/2011 16:21:51
Me....the Admins on here know I'm a stickler for a well written article without bias. This is just the kind of letter I enjoy to read. It's informative, and it's something that parents and kids need to know. I have no idea of the average age group, but I had never heard of any of this, until I read the paper. This is very informative. The admins know I love to challenge a way a story is presented, as I love the English language, linguistics, and rhetoric.

I enjoy reading and writing, and I can't help but I will pick apart an article. I was raised * my father being a professor, teaching the graduate level, and he would correct my grammar; I do the same thing. At the same time, if I say something wrong, I need to know for my personal growth. I have criticized some of the articles. We all misspell, the English language is a tricky one. But there isn't anything wrong with this letter, It's good and informative.
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Paula Jarrett 18/11/2011 10:04:47
Me...did you read in today's paper about "spice?" This article is pretty much what the paper said. I have to say this is an informative article. The paper said they have been seeing a brand called "zero gravity potpourri jungle juice."

So that's where the writer came up with that term jungle juice. It is illegal, but by changing a few chemicals, it can be sold. It is on the rise.

Also, Me, you can get anything off the web, and a new one is called Dragonfly, which is equally dangerous. You don't know what's in it, just like spice.

It's scary what kids will do today for a buzz. Good pot is very expensive, so they go for the cheap unknown stuff.
I'm thankful for this informative article, as not all get the paper, and this article is pretty accurate.
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Admin 18/11/2011 10:14:12
Thank you Paula
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
Admin 18/11/2011 07:38:06
The statement was from an addict who has been struggling with other addictions and tried Spice which caused a backward spiral into old habits. So "Me" you should understand your comment before you start spouting it off.

The whole story as you put it is the incense is dangerous and we listed out why. If you have a different view of Spice or situation please share with us. I am sure others would be inclined to debate.

The story is relevant because it is illegal and manufactures are altering the chemicals to skirt by the law. Keeping people informed about what is out there is relevant.

The fact you stated you didn't try Spice eludes to the fact you have.
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nephelim 18/11/2011 20:09:40
As an American I believe I should have the freedom to buy this product if I choose.
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Heretic 09/02/2012 20:31:13
If they would legalize marijuana no one would have to smoke this junk it could be taxed and would hinder drug trade and stop some drug dealing.
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Paula Jarrett 19/11/2011 06:32:28
why do you want to ingest the unkown chemicals? If you read the paper, they are having more and more young people come in with seizures, or even come in as a code. Aren't you afraid of brain injuries? If you choose to use it, then maybe the medics, nurses and RT's shouldn't treat you...it was YOUR choice, and not a smart one at that.
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Unknown Comment 16/03/2012 22:28:40
You can buy it or even make it yourself if you have the knowledge. Might be hard to do in Indiana. Should you choose to take a chance and not heed advice which could put you in jeaprody, I hope you realize innocent people around you could be put in harms way if your experimenting is a failure. This includes those who may be called out on a run to save you. You are FREE to do just that in America.

What about others rights to not have to live in such fear?
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Unknown Comment 16/03/2012 22:37:28
The above is a reply to Nephelim.....Sorry!
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LibertarianAgrarian 16/03/2012 17:13:47
Oh gee I could have written this... Smoking spice will make you kill your family rape your dog and leave you at a bad end. Spice a gateway drug. Spice kills brain cells and kids everywhere are doing it in a mass hysteria orgy! The sky is falling the sky is falling!! Trust me, the paper did TELL me about spice, and its the same nanny state, moral high ground, dictatorial nonsense the war on the people (anti-drug war) have been using to lock kids up since the dawn of this great nation. One day when you think of how your grandson, niece or nephew, someone you know is in prison getting raped by a black man, remember it's because you wanted everyone to live the way you live. Well thats not liberty sister and it sure isnt freedom. You people all across america make me sick. To think while on way day you may be smoking a cigg, drinking coffee or just driving your flaming petrol smoke spitting dragon down the road for the world to breath, sitting there with your double margarita or your gallon of the cheapest whiskey you could find. But great SEAL forbid anyone should live outside of what YOU deem to be appropriate. Shame on you. For shame.
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Unknown Comment 16/03/2012 21:14:44
I believe you made a mistake by saying "could have written this". You did write it.

You want to change the way the system works you join forces with others of the same beliefs and prove the benefit of the change, while not alienating others in the process.

I don't think black men are the only ones capable of rape and I don't know what Americans you have been hanging around but in America you can travel anywhere in the world to seek out your paradise.

All people have their faults. Someone once wrote, "the greatest of all faults is in being conscience of none". All the people I know expect one simple standard from me and that is do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It's a wonderful way to live high on life.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Enjoy the gift of today, that's why it's called the PRESENT.
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