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First Christian Church elders don't want you to know about Justin K. White - sex for money with underage kids


According to the affidavit in the case, the teen claimed “Justin owed him around a thousand dollars” and the teen continued that White said “he would leave his front door unlocked and there would be a pile of stuff downstairs to take as payment.”

It isn't any surprise Justin was into boys, men and drugs he was a pastor and its evident by his craigslists posts and his young victims account of sexual favors for money, gifts and drugs. Have you been violated by this man? I'd love to hear from you. Justin needs to be held accountable for his indiscretions.

Pastors have been intimidating children into sex for years - Justin is no different! First Christian Church is also where Milo Smith attends (He's a First Christian Church elder), Milo we're told doesn't want the public to know of Justin's sexual misconduct with a minor or minors. You know, Bill Nash our great prosecutor isn't a saint either cause he uses his position to hide or prevent things from happening for his friends. The Owesly case if proof of this!  

We obtained 6 search warrants from the court-house today, these are revealing to say the least. We've learned immunity was granted to the victim (name with-held) now 18 but was a minor during the time frame Justin was "counseling" him. 

Justin thought he'd be able to hide his obsession with young boys but he took it too far when he staged a robbery of his home.

The kid who robbed the home didn't think it was a robbery because they were only doing what Justin had requested him to do. Not only is Justin a alleged child molester but he is a drug addict and mastermind of fraud. Defrauding the church out of funding for years, but the church is wanting to keep this info quiet. 

Tarnished image of their church should be done, as the church has known about Justin's poor choices and turned a blind eye. These are the people you look up too but now is time for you to open your eyes. The congregation has been deceived by both the church and Justin.

Let's recap - Justin, was arrested by Columbus police and charged 3/24/17 with two felonies — insurance fraud and contributing to the delinquency of a minor BUT not for sexual misconduct with a minor... WHY?

"A pre-trial hearing for former First Christian Church senior minister Justin K. White has been set for 9:30 a.m. Aug. 7, to be followed by a jury trial scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 5 in Bartholomew Circuit Court.

White faces charges of felony insurance fraud and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which stem from a burglary White is accused of staging Dec. 18 at his Skyview Estates home. " - TheRepublic

Police knew back in December Justin had relations with his victim. This is how the prosecutor works, keeping things hidden from the public! NOT ANY MORE IT IS NOW PUBLIC!

We did learn the police claimed releasing the info about the sexual favors would jeopardize the child "abuse" case against Justin. We believe it was and is a way of keeping it quiet from the media! 

First Christian Church elders learned from Justin on Dec. 24, less than a week after he reported his home being burglarized, that police suspected him of staging the crime, an allegation that he has denied... guess he can't deny it now. 

You can read the reports on your own - download links on right >>

A snippet from Case #03D02-1701-MC-12

Brian Plummer interviewed the victim (who robbed house) - "During an initial interview with ** he related that he was involved with taking property from the Whites residence. *** stated during his interview that he did not consider it to be a burglary but was just doing what Justin White asked him to do. *** indicated he met with Justin White on more than on occasion recently but singled out meeting with Justin White on December 15th and December 16th. 

*** stated they spoke of the "burglary" on this date since Justin was going to be leaving town for a family funeral. *** further reported that on this day he was given $140 case for sexual acts. The sexual aspect of this case was brought to my attention during interviews with ***. *** states that from age 15 he was bring counseled by Justin White who is the pastor at First Christian Church. *** stated pastor White was supposed to be counseling him due to his marijuana use however Pastor white ultimately purchased marijuana, pain pills, and later Heroin from him. The sexual content reportedly also stated when *** was just 15 years of age.

*** reported he and Pastor White also met the morning of December 16th, 2016 at a Circle K location on National Road. *** stated it was across the street from White Castle. *** stated on both dates, Pastor White, gave him cash. *** states he was given $140 on the 15th and $160 on the 16th for a total of $300 for the sexual acts performed on the 15th. *** stated Justin was in a  hurry when they met on Friday the 16th but could not explain why."

"Pastor White admitted during his interview to meeting *** at both locations previously mentioned, Dorel and the Circle K, on the dates provided. It was brought to my attention by ******* *** mother) that her husband suspected Pastor White had picked up *** down the road from their home on ********* within the last couple or weeks. Pastor White admitted to picking up *** down the road from his home during my interview with him in that time period. Pastor White explained during his interview that he was only meeting on these occasions to give him money."

"*** states that Pastor White owed him money for sexual favors and for the purchase of some illegal drugs. *** states pastor White told him he had insurance on everything, prior to the burglary. *** states that Pastor White asked him to take the items from the house and that after insurance was filed *** could keep the items that were taken or he would give him cash all dependent on what the insurance company decided to do." 

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