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EXOTIC MUSIC OF THE BELLY DANCER is a coming of age novel set in southern Indiana in the late 1980s and based loosely on my formative years growing up in Columbus.

Columbus Man Threatened with Death of His Family

Someone didn't like the video of the girls fighting and threatened Columbus Man.

Trainwreck Survivors

Desperation Depot presents Trainwreck Survivors - 3522 S US 31 - Franklin In 46131 Kicking it out back, bring your lawn chairs - Counrty Music with an edge - powerpop country, southern rock and blues. Come join us on 09/22/12 @ 8pm - Great entertainment, drinks, food and hoosier hospitality


Police close 4 blocks looking for evidence tossed from White Explorer during traffic stop

Justin A. Bowles, 30, was arrested late Monday after a chase that went about 20 to 25 mph, police said. Sheriffs department said he was booked for resisting law enforcement, habitual traffic violator, possession of controlled substance. During the chase, ... (Read 4176 times) 2 Full story

Never know who is watching... Man peeing in the bushes on Lafayette

The photos we received tonight show a man behind a bush, then walking towards a bike. The caption "Who is this peeing man? 11st between Lafayette and Franklin" Whether or not this guy was or wasn't peeing isn't the point ... (Read 5784 times) 9 Full story

Mother puts her needs over her childs, shade for her, sun for baby... is she exposed?

This photo was taken at Rural King off National Road - at first glance it appears to be a grown woman riding in the child's bike trailer. Maybe because she didn't have a bike, but no, she is riding in ... (Read 5892 times) 14 Full story

Twine used to hold large house in trunk of car

Traveling down National road heading towards Steak N Shake today I was stopped at the traffic light. I happened to look over and spot this large dog house in the truck of a car, I instantly thought, Oh my how ... (Read 2795 times) 5 Full story

Venus gives a beauty mark on face of Sun, visible in Columbus Indiana

I saw the posts about Venus traveling across the face of the Sun, but didn't think anything about it since I won't ever see it again until 2117.  Well wait a minute, nope I'd be dead, in any case I ... (Read 2360 times) 0 Full story

I love this house, I wonder, do you know who owns it?

This home is valued at $487,900 per GIS records...                       ... (Read 3612 times) 6 Full story

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