AUDIO - Listen as woman tells man "get out of my life" he goes ballistic scaring young child

This audio file has the fbomb, yelling, and a child crying and sounds of what appears to be a physical assault or abuse. This is the type of situation where someone could snap and cause serious harm. If you're in a domestic abuse situation please seek help at our local Turning Point shelter for women. It's not worth it ladies... Leave

Audio - special thank you to Scipio Volunteer Fire Department

Volunteer fireman road a bicycle in full gear to an accident - above and beyond the call of duty


Qmix hidden check clues 2015 - Audio and Text

It has begun, the hunt for the $1,073 check hidden somewhere in Bartholomew County Indiana. We still have to hear the dreadful voice of Brittany and her side kick Timmy hopefully not for long. The sponsors this year are;  Reliable Comfort ... (Read 4727 times) 0 Full story

AUDIO TIP - Double Standards for Hope Police interim Marshal Matthew Tallent

Matt Tallent was named interim marshal back in Aug 2013 when his boss was arrested with official misconduct, seems a majority of the Hope Police Department should also be charged with official misconduct. Listen in... we received the voice mail (Read 4907 times) 0 Full story

Walmart Theft - allegedly Jacob Morris is recorded admitting to assisting with stealing TV

The conversation started "Have you heard about a tv that was stolen from Walmart in the last 48 hours?" "There is an audio recording of Jacob Morris admitting that he took Reggie Ringo and Takyia(Sp?) Weaver to Walmart and that ... (Read 3571 times) 1 Full story

Kelby E Stovall upset he is a Sexually Violent Predator - claims he is suing us for posting public info

Blaming the child for what an adult did is assine! It isn't the child's fault this man took advantage of her, UNDERAGE is UNDERAGE regardless of age. ... (Read 22210 times) 11 Full story

Caller says "Columbus North students scared, kid threatens to slit throats, and has list of targets"

The message, "I was just wondering if there was anything on Columbus Man about a kid at North that had threatened to slit throats with a list of names at School today, are they going to do anything with the ... (Read 8735 times) 3 Full story

AUDIO - 2014 Band Spectacular at Columbus North - Listen to the performances

We didn't attend the 2014 Band Spectacular but we did receive an email tonight with an audio recording of the show. If you missed it or was in attendance and didn't record it. ... (Read 1461 times) 0 Full story

Voicemail - Why can't I buy Penthouse or Playboy in Columbus?

Do you want to call and leave us a message? Call 812-506-9821 completely anonymous... give our number out at the bar... ... (Read 2088 times) 1 Full story

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