Taylorsville Elementary School - forget to get your milk, spoon, food, GO WITHOUT!

My children attend Taylorsville Elementary School.Today my 8 year old came home from School complained of her stomach hurting. She is pale,and is also dizzy.I thought

Did Aggressiveness and/or Biting and Elbowing Happen at Taylorsville Elementary Basketball Game, or Not?

We received the following Tunip tonight "A HUGE turnips to the Taylorsville elementary boys basketball team for biting opposite teams arms and a HUGE turnips

Taylorsville Elementary has an endless bullying problem, why?

Taylorsville Elementary has an endless bullying and battery problem on kids in school/ school bus; Teachers and bus drivers are completely ignoring?? I know that at


West Nile found near Northern Taylorsville - will be sprayed soon if it hasn't already

  Collis Mayfield, B.S., R.E.H.S., Director of Environmental Health at Bartholomew County Health Department said they found mosquitoes that could carry the West Nile Virus in 2 places in Columbus, Lincoln Park and out near the old sewage treatment plant and ... (Read 3933 times) 0 Full story

Rainbow appears just after the rain in Taylorsville

Photo sent in - caption says "This is in Taylorsville" If you see something you want to share - send it to us 812-390-8015 (Read 2707 times) 0 Full story

FOUND - Yellow CAT in Taylorsville

We received these photos last night sometime around 11pm with the caption "Found a lost cat in Taylorsville please help me help it get back home" If you know who this cat belongs to please let post on our Facebook ... (Read 2181 times) 0 Full story

Soldier protests local Wiese Car lot in Taylorsville

This truck has a red magnet on his tailgate of his truck and is driving around Weise car lot. One the magnet it says "Wiesie Toyota Sells JUNK Trucks To Soldiers"   submitted photo... thank u   ... (Read 3350 times) 1 Full story

Circle K in Taylorsville selling alcohol on Sunday... no ID required either.

Off-premises alcohol sales are completely prohibited on Sundays. Restaurants and taverns generally still serve it.(1) Additionally, alcohol sales are prohibited on Christmas Day. A recent change in legislation now allows Indiana residents to purchase alcohol on Election Day after all ... (Read 3292 times) 2 Full story

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