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Taylorsville Elementary has an endless bullying problem, why?


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Taylorsville Elementary has an endless bullying and battery problem on kids in school/ school bus; Teachers and bus drivers are completely ignoring??

I know that at my childrens school the teachers do nothing about it and let it continue.

I have a friend whos kids attend the same school as my kids, her son is mildly autistic and has been bullied by the same kid every school year.

The teachers and principal know about this and never do anything about it. She has called the school board and the principal about this numerous times (as i have also done about my own son being bullied) and still nothing is done.

This kid still does it on a daily basis as well as other kids.


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Johnson 07/09/2013 00:10:07
it's been going on there for at least 12 years that I know of because it happened to my son in 1999 or 2000.
It is also happening in the middle schools and high schools.

The people in charge of teaching and protecting our children are too lazy to do more than the bare minimum to collect their pay checks! They talk a good "Anti Bullying" campaign but it's just to get more government money is all that I believe. Maybe we need to start bullying the people allowing our kids to be bullied and see how they like it!
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