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The sheriffs department and North Vernon police department are crooked says the submitter

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I would like to say some things about North Vernon police and Sherriffs department. Well my fiance and I just had a baby and yesterday December 30th, 2015 his parents and my sister and fiance all got into a fight. It was stupid to begin with. My 12 day old son was in my arms okay, and ***** my fiance's mother went psycho.

She threatened to choke out my sister (in which just turned 18) and I came down from upstairs and looked at her and said don't touch her especially with my child in her arms. She grabbed me off the stairs, I grabbed my 12 day old child and started to walk away.

She grabbed me again started hitting me, and in the process ****** father (an ex cop) trying to hit his son, well hands were flying and ****** hit my 12 day old baby in the face. He went from sleeping to screaming bloody murder and yet everyone of them still tried coming at me. I yelled for them to stop ***** was hit. I called 911 I was being jerked around and crap, well sherriffs got there and ***** admitted to the cops that she was too pissed to notice I had my child (her grandchild) in my arms.

The thing is he was hit screaming bloody murder and she admitted she hit him and me to the sherriffs and they didn't do shit. We wanted to press charges and kept telling the sherriffs that and nothing was done. ****** father knew the sherriffs because he is an ex cop.

They helped throw our stuff out the door. It was crazy. I'd like help in getting something done about this. My 12 day old child was hit and hurt, I don't care if he doesn't have a mark still but he was hurt and we wanted something done. The sherriffs department and North Vernon police department are crooked.


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Robert 19/01/2016 18:20:46
well I been trying for years to put a few in jail for drugs and cpd do not want to do anything about it when I show then what I got and where they seell drug in Columbus and they know that sgt tom foust is one of then in to drugs and sell it in Columbus and hes girl frined mickey sue king is selling it to and cpd know how long they been in to it and I have been to the mayon about it and no one has did anything with then and I was told by cpd they was not going to do anything thing with sgt tom foust or mickey sue king and I talk to the state police and they say they cannot do anything they have to be call in by cpd and we all know cpd not going to do anything with then
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