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When will there be a trial for Jeremy’s Moore killer?


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My step brother was shot in 2013 in his front yard while he was unarmed! He was only 24 years old and just became a daddy. The killer is still not being punished. You will be shocked to see what he is doing now. I have attached a word document explaining everything that has happened. Please let me know if you can publish this. This horrible act occurred in Jennings County and we need to fight the corruption that has taken over this town. We need to support his mother and rest of his family who miss him so dearly.

Jeremy Moore had used drugs after losing his only brother in an auto accident in 2006 and his father in 2009.  In May of 2013 he became a father to a beautiful baby girl.  

Jeremy was going to a Methadone clinic to get clean.  This was not good enough for his fiancée’s step father, Mr. Donald Williams of Commiskey, Indiana .   Jeremy went checked out of the Methadone clinic to please Mr. Williams and/or his fiancée Brittany Spicer.  

This was still not enough.  Even though Jeremy had proof of his withdrawal from the clinic, Mr. Williams took it upon himself to end Jeremy Moore’s life on September 9th, 2013 in the front yard of Jeremy and Brittany’s primary residence shortly after noon.  

It is not Mr. Williams’  decision if /when/where/how he should die.  Mr. Williams was carrying a concealed weapon when he arrived at Jeremy and Brittany’s place of residence.  Jeremy was unarmed.  Mr. Williams admitted him to shooting Jeremy and he was the one who called the police.  

Mr. Williams was a former kick boxer.  The way that the evidence was “treated” would make any red blooded American scratch their head and wonder how this type of injustice occurred without reprimand of any kind.

Here is the article from the paper of what supposedly happened on September 9th, 2013.


Here is a picture from this article.  Why are they cleaning the scene on the day of the shooting!?

Here is another article about the incident.  It seems accurate except for this passage.

“Moore’s neighbor continued to say that the young man was adopted when he was young and had recently lost his adoptive mother in a car accident. His grandmother was a passenger in the car and is currently a resident in an area nursing home with brain damage as a result of the crash.”


Here is a copy of the article where Brittany, Jeremy Moore’s fiancée, his mother and sister speak out for Justice for Jeremy Moore.  I do not know who the editor was because I have to be a paid subscriber to the North Vernon Plain Dealer-Sun.  It was printed November 4th, 2013 “Justice for Jeremy” is the title.  Here is the picture from the article.

Here is the article that explains how Jeremy’s mother tried to get Justice for her son. Ms. Robbins sued the home owner’s insurance company and they said that they cannot pay because the reason for the death was murder.  So if the insurance company thinks that it is murder, why is Mr. Williams not facing charges?  There is a new Prosecuting Attorney in Jennings County and his name is Brian Belding.  He has a lot on his plate but fighting for Jeremy Moore and punishing Mr. Williams and everybody else who was involved should be high on his list as well.  

11/5/2014 9:24:00 AM
Wrongful death suit filed over fatal shooting of Jeremy Moore in 2013


Lenora L. Robbins has filed a wrongful death suit against Donald R. Williams, who, the suit says, "caused the wrongful death" of her son, Jeremy Moore, 24, on Sept. 9, 2013.
Moore died after being shot in the chest by Donald Ray Williams, the stepfather of his live-in girlfriend and mother of their young child. The shooting occurred just after noon in the front yard of Moore's home at 309 Franklin Street in the Shull Park neighborhood.

 According to published reports, the two men had been arguing.

While Williams was initially arrested and preliminarily charged with reckless homicide, a Class C felony, the prosecutor later declined to prosecute the case, ruling the incident as self-defense.

Mrs. Robbins has been vocal about the lack of charges being fled. In an article in The Sun exactly one year ago, she said she was considering a lawsuit. "I'd still like to see him (Williams) charged with something ultimately. He shouldn't get away with this. I will not have any peace until I know that all the facts are considered."

The tort suit filed Oct. 23 claims Williams acted negligently and carelessly. It points out Moore's young daughter has lost her father and his support, love and companionship.

The suit asks for damages in an amount sufficient to compensate Moore's estate for damages, costs and injuries incurred and for the wrongful death of the 24-year-old man.

This picture was put on Facebook around May 17th, 2015.  This is a picture of Donald Williams and Gracie Moore. Donald is the man who shot and killed Gracie’s father on September 9th, 2015. Many people are outraged by this picture.  

How can her mother let Jeremy’s daughter be anywhere around the person who killed him AND put it on social media for those who miss Jeremy to see?

This shows Mr. Williams disrespect for Jeremy’s family.  Mr.  Williams is the one who called the police after shooting Jeremy.  He was bonded out shortly after being arrested.  Jennings County Police Department has proved to be one of the most corrupt and inconsistent of the state of Indiana. Obviously if you know the right people, you can get away with murder.  Rumors are that Mr.  Williams killed someone in Florida.  Mr. Williams, Brittany Spicer and his wife Bonita Williams all used to live in the St. Cloud/Kissamee Florida area.


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