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To the editor:


    I was there at the zoning board meeting wednesday night. I was there to support Mr. Farabaugh in his plans for the rezoning of the piece of property that him and his family own. first of all i would like to say that BIKER FEST IS NOT THE BOOGIE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH ABATE!!!!!!!!!! every single person that spoke in opposition wednesday night didnt seem to under stand that. the worst of them all was rev. James Brwon. This man sent a very nasty letter to the democrat a little while back stating that the bikers and attendees of biker fest wished, and i quote "to sodomize our wives and children and creat new dependants on their drug trade" end quote..... now, you tell me one time something like this has happened at biker fest... cant, can you? I didnt think so. as a matter of fact what you fail to realize is the size of groups such as Bikers Against Sex Offenders. after that letter to the democrat with his derogatory remarks, Mr. Brown had the courage and stupidity to stand in front of the zoning board and lie entirely saying that he had no idea who was saying these slanderous things about Mr. Farabagh and the biker fest patrons. I for one was very deeply offended by his attitude and his remarks, and by the fact that the board allowed him to stand there and litterally preach for longer than the three minutes that they allowed the rest of us. The moral issue is not what is up for vote,the decision the board has to make an agreement on is the legality of the proposal. Mr. Brown also talked about a time, a couple years ago, where bikers blocked off sr. 135 and his daughter was stuck in traffic and the bikers were saying rude, derogatory, hateful, and harasssing things towards her. first of all, again, this is a total lie. can this man tell a story or what? I have attended biker fest for, what will be this year, 6 years. this event absolutely NEVER HAPPENED!!!!! and further more it was an insult for the board to allow this man to stand up there for that long and make things up as he went. seemed like a man that was just there for the satisfaction of hearing his own voice. I bet he doesnt realize that the Unchained Gang hosts a sunday service up there. 

    Now on to my next point... Geoff Keller, in his letter in last weeks edition talked about a law passed by the EPA that made it illegal to change out the stock muffler on your car, truck, or motorcycly, for an after market muffler that emits a sound louder than 80 decibles. How ever he also stated that funding for this action ended in 1984. Now i understand that this law is on the books still, but so are many other laws that dont hold water in todays society. For example, it is illegal to put your cat fish in the horse trough in front of the court house in Indianapolis, it is illegal in Ft. Wayne to teach a monkey to smoke a cigarette, and it is illegal in Moresville to tie your giraffe to a telephone pole. And further more, there is no way to enforce the noise ordinance out side of the city limits of the town of nashville. Mr. Keller was another one of the chosen few that was allowed to go over his 3 minute time period and make his statement last somewhere along the lines of 20 minutes. Honestly, all the complaints that the opposition brought up were absolutely hysterical. It was very hard to controll your laughter if you were sitting in the crowd, because the arguments of the opposition were all so amusing. They could not think of legitament complaints against the expansion so they had to make things up or question the moral values of those that attend these events.

    And agian I say, just as i did wednesday night, BIKER FEST IS NOT THE ONLY EVENT THAT TAKES PLACE THERE!!! They arent really even talking about expanding biker fest, they are talking about bringing in new events. Mr. Farabaugh is proposing concerts and car shows and swap meets and many more. Dont you think we need more of these kind of attractions? especially since the opry burnt to the ground and took with it all the money that it brought into our comunity. Really what it comes down to is that a few people with money watch "Sons Of Anarchy" and thought "oh my... these are the people i just saw going down the road" The people that are speaking negatively of biker fest have never been. dont speak ill of that which you do not know. I have made some great friend at biker fest, if you go, you will be welcomed with open arms and warm greetings. The name calling and the slander needs to come to an end  NOW. I understand that we have said a few things and called a few names as well, but we certainly did not cast the first stones. For these people to call anyone who rides a motorcycle, a criminal, a rapist, a druggie, a drunk, an addict, or a theif, is entirely un true and very insulting and i am saddened by the fact that many people, including rev. Brown, being a "man of god" would stoop to that level when publically addressing a subject such as this.

     I have been rining motorcycles all my life, my wife often rides with me. My father rides a motorcycle as well, my mother rides with him. My sister rides with her husband. Many of my friends and family ride motorcycles, not a single one of us is any of the things that the people opposing Mr. Farabaugh's proposal have call us, AND I THINK WE DESERVE AN APOLOGY!!!




Johnathon Willis




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