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Nashville - letter from Ruth Ann Ingraham, regarding so called "noise pollution" in our county


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Really? You call that respect?'


to the editor of to Brown County Democrat:

While thumbing through the paper tuesday evening i came across a letter from Ruth Ann Ingraham, regarding so called "noise pollution" in our county. This one was not quite as insulting towards the motorcycle comunity as others have been. What I would like to point out is that, what she seems not to realize is, there is no possible way to effectively enforce a noise ordinance out side of the town of Nashville. She talked in her letter about how the sound of motorcycles echoed through the valleys of our county. But seriousely, why is every letter about noise, or anything else anyone has to complain about, always refering to motorcycles, and so called "illegally modified exhaust"? Nobody ever says anything about the cars and trucks with absolutely no exhaust systems driving around. What about the other noise? I can hear the train going through the county, and it is most certainly louder than my motorcycle would ever even hope to be. Further more, what about the hail of gun fire that can be heard on a regular basis from Camp Atterburry, or from hunters even in the days preceding the opening of firearms season for deer? No no no... all anyone wants to talk about is the loud bikers and how terrible they are to "Nashville's pleasent, tree lined streets" to quote her letter. First of all, if you're a local, the town of Nashville is almost anything but pleasent towards you. Every time you drive through town to go to work or home, you are surprised by the people that seem to have no understanding of what a cross walk is and even less of what the little picture of a red hand on the post at the corner means, and the police force that doesnt seem to care because these people are the ones that come to our town with the only intention of spending money. With all the bitterness and resentment I've witnessed from the citizens of our county towards their own neighbors, its less and less of a "peaceful Valley" every day. So before you go and talk about the subject of  "noise pollution" please present a few more of the suspected culprits, not just the one that you just so happen to be personally against. Noise is going to echo through valleys, thats just how it is, it is due to acustics, not due to the volume of the sound. You live in the country, there is going to be noise, whether it be cars, trucks, motorcycle, planes, trains, music, wild life, or people. I havent seen anyone write a letter about the coyotes howling at night and just ruining their peaceful evening or the military planes flying so low to the tree line that you can see the pilot's face. You cant controll the preferences of others no matter how hard you try. You can express your opinion, as miss Ingrahm did. And I for one am very thankful that she did so without name calling or any other unpleasentries, unlike some folks. However, to say that "it boils down to respect" is entirely incorrect, and in itself, a slightly disrespectful statement in my oppinion. Respect is not something that can be just handed out to anyone and everyone. Respect is an honor that must be earned. Myself and many others have given it to many people... so my question is; When is that same respect going to be given back to us in return?



Johnathon Willis

AKA, Kid



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rider 23/08/2013 09:27:03
I'm not sure why all of these people that ride loud annoying motorcycles act like having loud pipes is some sort of disability that they were born with and everyone else is discriminating against them when we tell them to be quiet. You chose to put these noisemakers on your bike, if you don't like being ticketed for them either take them off or keep your hand out of the throttle. Remember, Loud Pipes Make Regulations.
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