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Nashville - I noticed the usual banter about Farabaugh's zoning proposal


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Opinions... everyone has one"


    While  looking through the paper this week, i came across the letters to the editor section as usual, and like every other week i read the. Again I noticed the usual banter about Farabaugh's zoning proposal... and again I saw the usual, uneducated rants about the subject, from those in opposition. Apairantly people have not yet understood the fact that the proposal is not being done with the intention of expanding the events for Biker Fest... It is for other events and camping. I also saw the usual anger towards the biker comunity. Mainly one in particular stood out to me this week. The one I'm refering to was from John Mills, also known as the Brown County Potter. He wrote "Pitty those who think that making noise with a machine is an adequate substitute for real human achievement and powers." Now i understand, as should everyone else, that this is his opinion and he is entitled to it, but i would like to set the record straight that engine work can be a very dificult task, it does take inteligence, and not many people can do it correctly. So, i would say, that this is REAL HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT AND POWER. i'm not calling names or throwing disrespect around all willy nilly like some have been... i'm just sayin that everyone has their own opinions and others reserve the right to disagree. Thats what makes this country great. As americans we have the right to think how we feel and assemble with like minded individuals and share our thoughts and practices openly. I have noticed that letters continue to be printed from both people in support and in opposition of the zoning proposal and both have raised good arguements, for the most part. I still dont see how the noise is an issue when the other events make just as much noise. And the moral issue doesnt hold water because you cant dictate how other people choose to live.i still have yet to see anyone write a letter of apology for the slander, name calling, and harsh judgement they have placed on people like myself just because we choose to ride motorcycles, and we will probably never see one. The point i'm trying to get across is that everyone has their own opinions, its all in how we present them, that determines the tone that others see... and i believe the tone that John Mills chose to express his opinions on the motorcyclist in our town was a little insulting. Mr. Mills went on say that bikers were here to "impose their crude culture on us by shattering the quietude as they gun their engines through illegal exhaust pipes" and even called us bikers "fools" twice in his letter. Then also went on to encourage vigilantie traffic cop wanna be's to '"shoot" the worst offenders" with cell phone video or pictures and make sure to get the license plate. I hope the local ploice are payin whoever answers the phones double for this one since they are gonna start getting so manny more phone calls to report us big bad bikers and our loud motorcycles. When will the name calling and hatred stop? How far are people willing to push the issue? James Brown Jr. also wrote another letter attacking the moral issue of it all. I would like to add that I am a Minister, a local artist, a husband, and a father... and i attend biker fest, and that he also has not yet realized thet there is no such thing as a proposed "biker park" on gates ville road... its a proposed venue for concerts and festivals... and the moral issue is not what is up for debate. There is nothing illegal going on at biker fest that i've witnessed... theres beer and partial nudity, but no more than you see on basic cable... What people have to understand is... If you dont agree with what (you you think) goes on at Biker Fest, then dont go. Dont tell your friends or family to go. Dont peek over the fence. Dont say hello to the biker that walks by you in town. But dont ruin it for the rest of us that love this event and the friends we've made over the years there by slapping us with undesireable titles and using anything biblical to try to show how terrible you think we are.

Opinions... Everyone has one.






with as much love and respect as possible,

Johnathon Willis

aka. Kid



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