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Nashville - One of the wonderful things about our comunity is its diversity


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to the editor of the Brown County Democrat,


    One of the wonderful things about our comunity is its diversity. we have people from all walks of life that live and work here, raise their families here, and spend their free time here. We aslo have a wide variety of tourist and out of town visitors that come here to enjoy out lovely county as well.

However I think i speak fo many locals when I say that i find it very annoying, every summer, and mainly in the fall, when our narrow country roads are flooded by bicyclist that choose not to follow even the most basic of traffic laws.

It seems that every time you come around a corner on any one of our back roads, you are surprised by a large group of bicyclist riding 3, 4, or even 5 across a lane, traveling the wrong way, or stopped in a very dangerous spot. some have even been known to stop and rest on private property.

The middle of Nashville is not even exempt from this... you can walk through town on any given day when there are bicyclist and watch them go through red lights and stop signs and swerve in front of cars without looking. It seems to me that what most people fail to realize is that bicyclist are, by law, supposed to follow the same traffic laws as they would if they were in any other vehicle. for instance; signalling turns, stops, lane changes, traveling single file down the road.... ect.......

The worst part about it is that our police force doesnt feel it necessary to assert authority to these individuals, probably mostely because they are from out of town and come here to spend money... and you know Nashville isnt going to do anything to disrupt their cash flow...

i cant be the only one that is annoyed by this... it not the entire group, it is probably somewhere around 50% though... there are bad apples in every bunch, maybe there would be fewer of them if they were made aware that they can be ticketed for their lack of respect of simple trafic laws... like I said, I cant be the only one that is annoyed, bothered, angered, or what ever else, by this.

I know how much poeple around here like ganging up on one group of people based on the actions of a few sorted individuals... this is not what i'm trying to do here at all... i just think that if we are going to have to share our roads with bicycles then we should do something to make it safer, not only for the bicyclist, but for all of us who are just driving to and from work every day.

people forget that there are people who live here year round... We dont go to their neighbor hood for half the year and act like i have no understanding of any and all laws... so please, some body, tell them not to do it in ours.


Johnathon Willis

aka. Kid



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