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Mike Farabaugh, I Love You Sir! to the editor of the Brown County Democrat:


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Mike Farabaugh, I Love You Sir!!!!!!!


to the editor of the Brown County Democrat:


I'm writing to thank the Farabaugh family for hosting another great year of or beloved Beanblossom Biker Fest. sure the zoning board denied their petition, and i know alot of people were happy about it ( for the wrong reasons in my opinion) but that didnt stop us from making the journey into Bill Monroe park, as many have for the last decade.

This was my 7th year and I loved it. This party never disappoints me. there is something for everyone there. i want to also thank the Unchained Gang for hosting the easy rider judged bike show and for providing us all with free coffee, breakfast, lunch, and prayers over all of us.

Mr. Farabaugh and his team of hard working folks did an amazing job this year. Everyone was friendly, kind, helpful, and just all around wonderful. I made more new friends and caught up with many that I've known for years.

Congratulations to Kelly Roberts, who once again took one of those big beautiful trophies (hand made by Kalamazoo Choppers). I've seen so many people writing in against this event since the petition started earlier this year and I really wish people would just get over them selves. If you have not been to Biker Fest, then you have no clue what goes on. We pay our entry, we ride in, we camp, we dance, we party, we eat great food, we hear great music. I was very amused by the letter in the septenber 12th issue, from Mel and Janie Lane.

They thanked the zoning board for not aproving Mr. Farabaugh's proposal, and said that they think the money wouldnt be used in the county and that these paople were all out of towners... Well, the Farabaugh family live here... most of the staff that work the event... they are locals too... the money goes toward all sorts of expenses (it cost money to host an event of this magnitude every year)...

And alot of the people attending this event are your friends and neighbors... there are more out of towners on any given weekend, inside the town of Nashville, than there is at biker fest... atleast I can walk through Bill Monroe park and not trip over people... and you can leave your car doors unlocked or the keys in the ignition of your motorcycle and not worry about anyone stealing anything.

But everyone wants to say us bikers are all criminals... I would also like to correct of of the Lane's statements from their letter... Hay feilds dont attract tourist to this county...

Tourist come here to stop in the middle of the road to look at leafs on the same kind of trees you can find in anyother place in the country and buy over price and cheaply made and often useless trinkits and nick nacks from the shops that line the streets of what used to be a quiet, secluded, unmolested, artists' village.

So thank you Mr Farabaugh and family and all other sponsors, venders, and patrons of the 10th annual Beanblossom Biker Fest. I shall see you all next year if not sooner. Much Love, Ride Free.


Johnathon Willis
A.K.A. Kid


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