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Nashville Democrat excludes articles about Motorcycle parade on the first of december


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to: The Editor of the Brown County Democrat

I bought a paper like i do every week... and I looked through it in hopes of seeing something, anything, covering the toy drive and motorcycle parade on the first of december, and to my surprise this event was left unmentioned by anyone anywhere except myself in a previous letter.

This kinda saddens me since earlier this summer there seemed to be more than enough written about how "terrible" the biker comunity is for this county... and when something positive goes down nobody bats an eye... People are just blind to see the good in all groups of peoples and want to just focus on their own mis guided negative opinions.

When the Farabaughs were proposing the rezoning of their piece of property in Beanblossom everyone was quick to jump up and tell everyone around how bad it was... but when something as good as that toy drive occurs, nobody even cares because its a bunch of bikers.

Well, i'm sure the families that benefited from the toys and money raised really appreciated the efforts of us bikers... i'm seriousely just in amazed by the fact that not one person in this comunity except for myself would come forward and thank these people for their efforts...

Its so sad that this otherwise fine publication would exclude this from even being mentioned anywhere except in the letters to the editor section. i'm honestly at a loss for words and almost rambling about how frustrated I am about this. It seems that no matter what good comes from us this comunity will only focus on the negative aspects of any situation involving motorcycles.

Yall Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves! I had to spread this around on my personal facebook page and on a socialnetworking site that I work on (http://www.fullthrottlebiker.net/) because not one person seemed to know that the event even happened because Nashville just seems to have its way of suppressing any thing they feel like, and since everyone seemed to be up on a soap box defending this "peaceful vally" from "criminal, alcoholic, drug dealing, rapist, undesireable, BIKERS" this wonderful event went mostely unnoticed.

I know some may see me as someone on an angry rant or wanting attention, but honestly i'm just trying to get people to open their eyse and see more than their closed minds will allow.

Johnathon Willis a.k.a. KID Helmsburg


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