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Please help me find my stillborn sons' keepsakes


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Storage company sold stillborn sons' urns and keepsakes only 33 days after last payment with no notice!

image most recent bill from Storage Express. My items were sold 6 days later.
Dear Columbus Man, We desperately need your help. My husband and I fell on hard times last year. We had to move twice in a six month period. Our first move was just before Christmas 2013 which was very hard on us with two young sons, ages one and two. We chose to put a large amount of personal items in storage at Storage Express, located at Eastwood Dr, Columbus (just off 25th St, near Tally Rd). We had a 10x10 unit for $112/month, with the first month being half off. We didn't intend to keep things there very long so it seemed feasible. We were in over our heads with other bills and quickly fell behind. We got completely caught up in March but fell behind again a couple months later. In August, our balance was just under $350 so they said they were going to sell our things in a public auction and added over $100 in fees. I asked a family member for help and was able to pay $200 toward the over $440 balance. I called to ask if this would stop the sale of my property. The person I spoke to asked when I would be able to pay the remainder. I said hopefully in two weeks but it could be four weeks. She said I should "be fine". That was on August 13th. I was expecting a large amount of money mid-September and was looking forward to getting all of our personal items in our new home. It turns out that my payment did not stop the sale, only postponed it one month. All of our belongings were sold on September 17th. I received a bill that said my payment was "Due Now" and had another rent charge due 9/18. Nowhere on this bill (picture attached) did it say my items would be sold. When I learned what happened, I was beyond upset. I was heartbroken and sick over this! I asked if I could be put in touch with the person who bought it so I could try to recover irreplaceable personal items. I was promised a call the next morning. Nobody ever called so I called again. I spoke to Patty who told me all of my belongings had been destroyed. I asked if she would contact them and tell them I could pay triple what they paid for the unit in just three days if they would please let me buy back my belongings. She said "they don’t want to talk to you." I found out through conversation with her that this person or company is someone that does business with them often and frequently buys "abandoned" storage units. Storage Express claims they tried to call me multiple times yet I have no missed calls from them. They said they sent notice by mail that my things would be sold. As you can see, the mail I received (post marked Sept 9) said nothing about a sale. I understand I was at fault for not keeping my bill in good standing but I was not out of contact with them. It had been just over 30 days since I last spoke to their representatives. I don't think they were justified in taking this action since I was clearly showing an effort to pay and had not abandoned my things. Now they refuse to help me track down any of my precious and irreplaceable belongings. Nothing in there other than a double stroller and a wagon would have any value to anyone but my family. Our two living sons' baby pictures, keepsakes and photos from my entire life, but most devastating was the keepsake boxes, photos and URNS of our two stillborn sons. What kind of heartless person would "incinerate" these things? Their footprints, locks of hair, photos, it’s all I had left of my two babies who were born asleep. I think Storage Express is lying to me. I think my things could still be out there somewhere. I have to try everything I can to find them and I need YOUR help! I am begging all Columbus residents, if you have any information that could help me, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible at this email address: grievingparents@outlook.com All I want is a chance to find my babies and keepsakes. When you lose an infant, those little things are the only memories you have to hold onto. October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Please spread the word and help me find the babies I already lost once. It feels like they have been ripped from my arms again. Sincerely, Alison & Jeremy


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james 26/09/2014 16:43:14
really.. you should keep those ashes with you. like your clothes. its a must have item. but the rest of it im not sure if i understand correctly... seriously though u talked to them on the 13th and told them ud have it paid in 2 weeks to 4... they waited exactly 5 weeks! which by that time id assume another month was added on even though u was still behind by last month.. so yes i can imagine why they just sold ur stuff to rent that storage unit back out. they are not in it for charity they are a bussiness. you told them 4 weeks... they gave u 5 weeks and ur upset? by then i no u would have had another month due so i can imagine ur bill was up there. besides if ur paying only 112 a month and ur bill was 400 in debt even with the 100 they added on u was many months behind as it is.... i dont blame the company any what so ever. it seems to me this was all your fault. you shouldnt just expect them to take a partial payment and let u continue to use the storage unit for free... u only asked for 4 weeks of time to pay it... they was more than fair with u especialy considering u was many months behind.... did u not believe they would sell ur stuff? do u not watch storage wars on tv? they got to do some thing with ur stuff. if its a personal storage place some times they will go through it and keep waht they want and sell the rest.. if its a big company storage place then they will just auction off all the units that owe money like that and ur belongings could be any where... people buy them to resell the stuff and they do throw away the uselless stuff that they dont need... or couldnt sell.....
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