Parade committee refuses to give financial details of what operation Costs are... FOR profit out of Flordia

Parks and Rec no longer operates the parade. It was taken over by First Financial who in turn passed it on to Paragon Entrainment which is based out of Florida and had a division in Indiana, which is a for profit organization. is the address for their website. ---- What's the change in my position? That is operated by a not for profit. ---- This is nothing but theft. - comment posted today

Americans, take for granted United States Postal Service Rural Route Carriers

If there's one organizational effort that we, as Americans, take for granted these would be that of the United States Postal Service Rural Route

School canceled based on uneducated guesses from school officials based on educated guesses from weathermen.

I think it is time we had a reality check.  This is Indiana and yes it snows in Indiana.  Over the last few years I


CASHMOB the Fork at 532, they close tomorrow at 10pm

Today & tomorrow are the last days @ the Fork @ 532 Washington St. They will close @10pm Thurs. We need to Cash Mob them to show our appreciation & help w/bills...     ... (Read 1135 times) 0 Full story


... he is a 16 yr old Columbus East student that just finished his last round of chemo to fight Leukemia and was doing well. ... (Read 1637 times) 0 Full story

Big Fat Jerk at McDonalds on Jonathon Moore Pike....

Went to lunch at McDonald's yesterday and there was a real jerk there trying to ruin everyone's lunch. ... (Read 2920 times) 2 Full story

I am a parent to a child that is 11 years old and has Autism, I would love to hear your story!

I am a parent to a child that is 11 years old and has Autism, and a mild/moderate developmental delay. My son receives waiver services, and I am currently getting paid to be his caregiver. This job has been a ... (Read 1117 times) 1 Full story

Strategic placement of trees to deter parking at CRH

To all Columbus Regional Health employees and visitors. The hospital has multiple trees set up on each side of the road in front of the hospital that travels north and south. The road connects the main entrance to additional parking ... (Read 1432 times) 0 Full story

The past 6 weeks or so, there have been 2 child fatalities due to abuse

In the past 6 weeks or so, there have been 2 child fatalities due to abuse from mothers’ boyfriends in our community. Many folks on Columbuzz often say things like people should mind their own business and that others should ... (Read 1846 times) 0 Full story

Perkinson to Lead Substance Abuse Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, January 2, 2013 New logo, leaders as group heads into 2013 Columbus, IN: The Bartholomew County Substance Abuse Council unveiled its new logo today, along with its newly elected officers. Leading the group will be 15+ year Substance Abuse Council veteran ... (Read 2480 times) 1 Full story

The Pulse - downtown Columbus at The Yes Cinema

Join us Thursday Nights at 7 PM in downtown Columbus at The Yes Cinema for The Pulse. A new kind of church ... a new kind of experience. ... (Read 1719 times) 0 Full story

WARNING - Jan, 13th Hunting allowed near Grouse Ridge - NO SLEDDING

Columbus Man could you warn people that are sledding at Grouse Ridge that until the 6th of Jan, 13 hunting is allow in that area. Until this year bow hunting was only allowed this late in the year, but DNR ... (Read 3022 times) 0 Full story

Tabitha Brock was a Beautician at BoRics.

Tabitha's sister has something to say. ... (Read 4920 times) 0 Full story

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

2012 has been a great year for Columbuzz..... ... (Read 2353 times) 0 Full story


These texts were sent to a local teenage girl's phone. Beware. ... (Read 6945 times) 4 Full story

Why a Parks and Rec is Being Used to Plow Snow at the American Legion - UPDATED -

Illegal use of city equipment is serious. ... (Read 4675 times) 10 Full story

The Owner of STILOS BARBERSHOP Has a Rebuttal

He says the criticism isn't fair. He charges less than most places and does fancier cuts. ... (Read 7864 times) 4 Full story

Travel status

Be careful out there. ... (Read 3164 times) 0 Full story

Fungal Infections Were Avoidable

The recent life threatening fungal meningitis and joint infections were due to a series of events and errors that were totally unavoidable. ... (Read 3753 times) 1 Full story

Scotty's Burger Joint to CLOSE in Columbus?

We received this email tonight, it talks about Columbus being one of the locations to close. ... (Read 5801 times) 8 Full story

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