Do you think Mr. Jackson should have served more time?

I know this individual wasn't operating a meth lab or selling drugs to an undercover officer...but the fact remains, he broke the law.


Be ready. Could be bad.

CRH is a bully! RN's now required to get a bachelor degree or be fired

Currently CRH is making all nurses get their Bachelors degree or be fired. CRH has lost some kind of rating and the only way to


MARSH on State St to Close Their Doors for Good March 9

Clearance prices until then. ... (Read 4539 times) 1 Full story

International School of Columbus- Uniforms for the 2013/2014 School Year!

You read it right! According to the minutes from the February Parent Council meeting at the International School of Columbus, Mr. Sims, the school’s head master, has decided the school will transition to uniforms! ... (Read 5523 times) 0 Full story

International School of Columbus (ISC) Seeking Zoning Approval for former Ridge Church

A message from ISC - "You may read in the Republic about the School’s zoning application to the City for the School to relocate to 51 N. Brooks Street. This is part of the process to move to this location. ... (Read 4355 times) 4 Full story


Let's Hangout! There is a product training coming company called Global Hangout that is connected to Goggle+, the NEXT social Giant that offers applications that makes it easier to work with Google+. ... (Read 3014 times) 0 Full story

City Council District 1 Under Attack Again

Dascal Bunch, are you watching movies with the drapes open again instead of standing up for the citizens of your district? 51 N Brooks St is the address for the International School? What happened to redistricting debate? ... (Read 4657 times) 4 Full story

Follow Up Meeting for 9th St. Park & Neighborhood - Feb. 26 at 6:00 p.m.

There will be a follow up meeting about issues in the park and the area to discuss known improvements and what else can be done. ... (Read 2348 times) 1 Full story

Chemical Free Cleaning Products FREE SAMPLES Saturday February 23rd at American Rental!

Get free samples of Chemical Free cleaning products the Saturday. ... (Read 2056 times) 0 Full story

Emails of City Employees and those who received new City Code of Conduct - are you listed?

WHEREAS, the Common Council desires the conduct of these elected officials and appointees, at public meetings and when representing the City, to be built on respect, being consistent and having the courage to do the right thing; and yada yada... ... (Read 6175 times) 0 Full story

New City of Columbus Code of Conduct

An e-mail was sent to every employee and appointee of the city. It explains the new code of conduct. Great idea. Maybe it will stop City Councilmen from watching porn in the house where neighborhood kids can see it from ... (Read 4343 times) 7 Full story

Filling Station - News on Gas Prices

Looks like good news. ... (Read 2493 times) 0 Full story

FANTASTIC FINDS - A New Shop to Explore! - OPEN HOUSE Saturday...

A new shop, with items like you would find at a garage or rummage sale, opened today. ... (Read 3623 times) 0 Full story

Walmart Employees Won't Call 911 For You

Don't have a seizure in a Walmart store or they might just stand around and watch you die..... ... (Read 4315 times) 2 Full story

Filling Station - News on Gas Prices - UPDATE

Prices are changing... ... (Read 2018 times) 0 Full story

Second Westboro Granddaughter Loses Faith In Bigotry

In an interesting twist of either amazing synchronicity, or an indication of just how estranged the Phelps family is from its own members, a second story came out yesterday detailing the defection of yet another of founder Fred Phelps’ granddaughters ... (Read 2936 times) 0 Full story

The Angel Bear Memorial Organization is Starting Up

Grieving mother wants to help others avoid what she has endured. ... (Read 3058 times) 0 Full story

Increase Your Business! - ADVERTISE on!

We can help your advertising. ... (Read 2978 times) 0 Full story


There has to be a better way to handle an unruly child. Seems his parents can own a big piece of the store now.... ... (Read 4602 times) 8 Full story

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