WARNING - Carter Crossing is nice, please use caution when dealing with Beacon Builders and Jennifer Gabriel

I would like to warn people about a situation that occurred with the new home my wife and I had built at Carter Crossing. Beacon

Love Chapel & Bridge of Hope - support for single mothers

Bridge of Hope at Love Chapel serves single mothers who struggle with inadequate housing or lack permanent housing. The program can be an opportunity for someone who is looking for encouragement and support as they work toward financial stability through employment within a 12-24 month period.

Seymour Man Faces Meth Charges This couple also have a baby together. Josh also has another daughter with another lady. Please submit anonymously.


No settlement received for family who lost son in December 2010 drowning- thankful city has since purchased ice rescue equipment

This is one of the better things Mayor Brown has done since taking office. Getting our departments trained to properly handle ice emergencies with the equipment needed to have speedier recoveries and better results. ... (Read 2208 times) 2 Full story

Organizing NOW for the Ninth St Park Community Festival to be held on Saturday June 29, 2013

This will be the fourth year for the event and promises to be bigger then ever. Over the last few months, several POSITIVE changes have taken place in the Ninth St Community and also at the park. ... (Read 1680 times) 0 Full story

If you travel down a public road, children's lives are at risk... Public roads to be re-classed as "Children play areas"

Spear street can be used as alternate route to by-pass 200S construction... ... (Read 1673 times) 0 Full story

City Considers narrowing roads to 'ease' congestion-

Officials are considering reducing 2 streets from 4 lanes to two travel lanes and a central turn lane. The streets are Washington Street between 25th and 11th streets and 25th street between Washing and Central Avenue. ... (Read 1697 times) 0 Full story

240Sweet - when all-natural and organic ingredients mean NON-organic ingredients off the shelves of Walmart

Ar·ti·san - "A worker in a skilled trade, esp. one that involves making things by hand." We don't deny they are artists, but even artists have bad habits. ... (Read 6293 times) 2 Full story

Moose Lodge known for being shady: An immoral wasteland of wrong doing.

The Moose is shady....and yeah, drawings, many times you'd see the same people over and over winning the cash drawing for the big money. not worth it, morally, to be a member. they do a lot of charity work, but ... (Read 6174 times) 1 Full story

Kristen Brown negotiates Detour American Bar and Grille OUT - leaving 50+ employees without jobs and notification!

Sources say lawyers from Detour and the City of Columbus are said to have come to a mutually acceptable agreement in the past weeks. The Mayor says no inferences should be made, but this should not come as a ... (Read 7063 times) 8 Full story

McDonald's "30 second guarantee" - what does this mean to you, the customer?

I like the fact I don't have to cook, do dishes, clean up etc. One of the many reasons why so many American's eat out. Now, some may have already seen this new gimmick at McDonald's a sign posted at ... (Read 5917 times) 1 Full story

Double Oak Farm Green Grocery Closing- Last Business Day is Friday 3.15.13-Support this Local Business!

Double Oak Farm Green Grocery must close the doors on March 15th at 5 pm.  Please support this local business by stopping in tomorrow and helping reduce inventory!  The grocery will be open from 9 am to 5 pm.     Don't ... (Read 4444 times) 1 Full story

Cummins Employees Volunteer to Help Those in Need

Cummins is showing our community it cares in a variety of ways. One of these ways is the food bank the employees run from the Fuel Symptoms plant once a month. Bartholomew County Gleaners are at the ... (Read 3303 times) 0 Full story

Victory Gymnastics Academy opens - replaces Jody's

We're told Victory Gymnastics opened Monday... This comes after Jody's Gymnastic's closed and was unable to located a new facility. ... (Read 2947 times) 0 Full story

Help Needed For The American Legion Post #244

Our local American Legion post is struggeling staying open. The post has not had a remodel and or any good strong younger determined leadership in years. I'am posting this because I'am concerned what has happened to our very deserving ... (Read 2423 times) 0 Full story

Columbus Youth...In Their 30's

So, it seems to me there are not enough people who seem to grasp reality. I mean, sure, there are some, but the vast majority of people seem to lack basic understanding of the necessary life cycle of being a ... (Read 3092 times) 1 Full story

CRH ER gives adolescent 21 stitches. Calls 2 days later to inform parents she needs surgery to remove 'foreign object' seen in X-Ray.

One child, requiring 21 stitches had X-Rays. The doctor told the family, it was just an open wound and stitched her up. The girl was in extreme pain for 2 days. On March 5th CRH called the ... (Read 3418 times) 2 Full story

CPD allegedly breaks callers window with flashlight after he calls and complains on CPD officer

Yesterday morning, a Columbuzz subscriber called Columbus Police Department to file a complaint on an officer.  Officer Owens, answered the call.  According to the caller, she told him he would have to call back when a supervisor was available, and ... (Read 3498 times) 4 Full story

Winter Storm WARNING - UPDATE -

5 to 7 inches now coming...... ... (Read 2618 times) 0 Full story

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