Inadequate planning to house animals at the new Bartholomew County Humane Society

November 15, 2014 Bartholomew County Humane Society Board of Directors, As an avid animal advocate, I have become greatly concerned with the upcoming move to your new

I Am the Face of Domestic Violence

From a father who was abusive to her and her mother, to a husband that was the same way. A woman finally steps away and stops the cycle. "You're ugly, and stupid, and you'll never amount to anything!" Can you imagine saying that to your daughter, or your wife?


Can MRSA be an STD?

An unusual question arose during a chat with a friend. ... (Read 2502 times) 4 Full story

Someone Needs Some Help

Please do what you can. ... (Read 2683 times) 1 Full story

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Sales August 13, 2013 at 10 a.m.

Location of Sheriff Sales: Sheriff’s Office, 543 Second St., Columbus, IN 47201. Sales may be canceled between posting date and sale time, but web site will not be updated. Information about Fees, Frequently Asked Questions, 3rd Party Bidder Info., Attorney ... (Read 4530 times) 0 Full story

Rachel Lapidus Benefit Auction

The auction wasn't held at the 9th St Park event two weeks ago so it is being held online. Lots of goodies to buy at a great price and a great help to Rachel. ... (Read 4290 times) 0 Full story

All Natural Asset, advising people to take more than the recommend dosage, and mixing with other products

We received a message... a warning for those who purchase Asset's from this distributor...  "Local business All Natural Assets was informed by corporate on June 29 that their distributorship was terminated. They have still failed to notify their distributors and customers ... (Read 3357 times) 1 Full story

The Vfw post 1987 here in Columbus needs your help!

The Vfw post 1987 has a dinner every Friday (which you can bring your families), they have dances with a band (open to the public 18yrs and older) the 1st/2nd Saturday's of the Month and the 3rd/4th Saturday's they have ... (Read 2008 times) 0 Full story

Memorial for Veterans downtown Columbus inspiration for Military Service Walk in Columbus, Georgia

"The Military Service Walk will be a place that will evoke emotion and pride in the service of the Columbus-Fort Benning area through the portrayal of their correspondence in eras of conflict." ... (Read 1586 times) 0 Full story

Garden City uses same aquifer as City Utilities, switching won't give protection from TCE.

Isn't it awful our city lies to us as a whole just to keep everyone calm... when you spread lies, this is why Columbuzz is here! ... (Read 1751 times) 0 Full story

Is Fred the Only Barkes That Needs to GO?

Columbus Township Trustee Fred Barkes is resigning. Shouldn't the real problem go with him? ... (Read 2139 times) 0 Full story

Inter-Office E-mail - Cummins Management seeing people as waste and blaming them for its own project failure

This inter-office email from Cummins Corp here in Columbus lays out the foundation of fault on Cummins for allowing this to happen. They can go on the radio again and again to discredit what is posted, but this email speaks ... (Read 3751 times) 0 Full story

Breast Cancer Fundraiser for Misty Palmer

Misty Palmer is a local woman, and friend of, and is fighting breast cancer. She needs all the help and support she can get. ... (Read 2149 times) 0 Full story

Northside Pediatrics cleans mold off fountain after it reaches social media

Before when I posted the submitted photo of the fountain at the doctors off, I researched the substance on the fountain so we had more to go with the photo - but then thought the photo had enough words for ... (Read 2234 times) 1 Full story

Garden City TCE contamination report findings May 1989 May 2013 complaint prompted officials to act in 24 years later

With over 100 references to explain the problem in Garden City... should you be alarmed and outraged it has taken yet another report for action to happen? The first report was in 1989- ... (Read 3435 times) 0 Full story

John Staples Custom Pipes And Mufflers

If you want great customer service and great trustworthy work! See John Staples custom pipes and mufflers I personally have dealt with John himself, great stand up guy who does quality work Located @ 3065 N. National Rd. Columbus IN, ... (Read 1386 times) 0 Full story

be gone--- Route 21!

See, the board had plenty of warning that Childhood Connections was being run into the ground. That’s what happens when an agency loses it’s best employees, the ones that kept it afloat and ran it while Rose Ellen sobbed ... (Read 2137 times) 1 Full story

Hauser High implemented attendance mandates for Field Day

According to our tipster, any student who had an unexcused absence of more than 1 excused absence from April 20 to May 17th, would not be able to participate in field day. ... (Read 1390 times) 0 Full story

Jacob Tolbert released -- Friends still dodging detectives.

Jacob Tolbert has been released from jail, presumably on bond. He has pleaded not guilty in the hit and run accident that killed Vallonia man at Caddie's Bar on April 28, 2013. He is facing criminal charges for ... (Read 3475 times) 0 Full story

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