City bought land from me and now my home floods due to the run off issue in my neighborhood.

My name is Paul Clear so here goes, laws prevent people from blocking , altering , or removing any part of a natural water run

Death of my dog Bailey Brooks

On March 19th my dog was struck and killed by a truck. The city animal care center was kind enough to take her to the

What's It Going To Take? More Deaths?

54-year-old Terri Bradtke was walking south across Rocky Ford Road near the intersection with Candlelight Drive at 6:18 a.m. Monday December 9th, 2014.


Mr. Sims says "It is my pleasure to work with the dedicated teachers, but is it the parents pleasure to have him?

Dear ISC families, Thank you for your patience as we deal with construction delays and inspections.  I know there have been, and continue to be, many questions regarding the start of the school year.  I want to assure all of you ... (Read 2048 times) 1 Full story

ISC - My daughters grades were changed - Mr. Sims did this to cover his butt for not following my daughter's IEP.

Not true. He changed MY daughter's grades & she had an IEP and it was NOT followed. I contacted the board and no one even care. We removed my daughter from this disaster after only one semester. Never were ever ... (Read 1995 times) 3 Full story

The most valuable components of ISC: students, teachers, and partnerships with parents, where is the administration?

Mr. Sims "have you ever noticed that all “retarded people” have little teeth." ... (Read 1335 times) 0 Full story

All Natural Assets, Inc. is disappointed in Descor, LLC but looks forward to the truth in lawsuit outcome

In response to Descor, LLC comments about the lawsuit brought by All Natural Assets on National Road. All Natural Assets, Inc. is disappointed that Descor, LLC and Ms. Tarra Desmond, owner of Descor LLC, has decided to engage in a pattern on ... (Read 2886 times) 0 Full story

ISC staff is not going to speak with Columbuzz- but this was said...

I talked to a representative whose name does not want to be quoted- The rep said this: ISC staff is not going to speak with Columbuzz- There was not a teacher that left on their own accord in the past years-  So the ... (Read 1779 times) 4 Full story

Descor, LLC comments about the lawsuit brought by All Natural Assets on National Road.

All Natural Asset has sued the company who supply's Asset supplement, Descor, LLC. We asked Descor what their opinion on the lawsuit was, they offered the below statement. ... (Read 4316 times) 0 Full story

ISC - Jonah Sims allegedly says "he can tell how smart kids are by the size of their teeth" - WINNING

From an insider, here are some additional highlights from the tenure of Jonah Sims:He instructs teachers not to punish a kid until after count day (the day the school must inform the state how many students attend thereby determining funding). ... (Read 2025 times) 2 Full story

All Natural Asset files lawsuit against Descor for damages and Injunctive Relief

Descor the company who owns Asset the supplement is being sued by All Natural Assets located on Central Ave in Columbus Indiana. ... (Read 9443 times) 0 Full story

Teacher resigns International School of Columbus - unethical activity, lack of empathy towards struggling students

Thinking about taking your child out of ISC? Probably a good thing... ... (Read 2153 times) 2 Full story

Ronald D. Allen - aka DOG KILLER!

People who own pit bulls, and pit bull mixes, should be forced to keep them so people are safe. ... (Read 1528 times) 0 Full story

Jonesville Town Board Meeting? Really?

If you want to see small town government at work, go to a Jonesville Town Board Meeting. ... (Read 1957 times) 0 Full story

Letter from International School to Parents Lacks Specifics/Details - Moving from Brooks street

I respectfully request the school leaders present a detailed plan to the community to clear up all of the issues, and shut me up! ... (Read 4757 times) 0 Full story

International School of Columbus in jeopardy of losing charter from Ball State University?

Read the update here...  Parents of students at The International School of Columbus did you know the school may lose it's Charter from Ball State University and may be forced to close.  I was told by BSU staff that the International ... (Read 3116 times) 11 Full story

Close to Park? No Way!

The Republic posted an article about how a stabbing was close to a park that requires extra police patrols. ... (Read 7568 times) 1 Full story

Weeds Too High? Or Does it Depend on Who You Know?

The city has a new ordinance that can cost you big fines if they decide your grass is too high. But what about businesses? ... (Read 3097 times) 1 Full story

2nd Street Bridge to be renamed by executive order of Governor Mikey Pence

So, here it is, 7 months later and the white hair'd Columbus Native Mikey Pence has started issuing naming rights of places in Columbus. Not only are they "naming" the second street bridge they are naming it after a guy ... (Read 11973 times) 2 Full story

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