9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch Blackballed by Mayor Lienhoop

This past Thursday night at a meeting hosted by Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center, Mayor Jim Lienhoop held a question and answer meeting with the residents of 9th

Eastern Bartholomew Water Corp. repairing line - could be until midnight till fixed

Hello- I work in the office at Eastern Bartholomew Water Corp. Could you please let all customers on our system who currently do not have

Controversy surrounding the validity of the Hidden Check location- Was it even hidden at all? Some would say no!

Was the check even hidden? It wasn't there and I looked over the entire bridge... How did it appear?


School canceled based on uneducated guesses from school officials based on educated guesses from weathermen.

I think it is time we had a reality check.  This is Indiana and yes it snows in Indiana.  Over the last few years I have noticed that we tend to call school based on uneducated guesses from school officials ... (Read 2035 times) 1 Full story

City Employee Insurance released in paper before discussed with employees

As reported in the Republic on Nov. 14 the city employee's health insurance plan will cost the employees more beginning Jan. 1, 2014.   This increase has been expected for some time and an increase is generally felt justified, however, what ... (Read 13131 times) 1 Full story

CANSTRUCTION - Organizers are looking for community teams to build edible creations that will help to feed the hunger

Contact: Joyce Lucke FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. 812/390-6912  WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH 3,000 CANS OF FOOD?  Organizers are looking for community teams to build edible creations that will help to feed the hunger in Bartholomew County  November 11, Columbus, IN. This year ... (Read 2081 times) 0 Full story

Mayor Kristen Brown - Halloween CANCELED - First time in years...

Some might blame Obama for the weather which is possibly coming in this evening. Obama seems to be the blame for everything but today weather is the reason for it.  Millions of dollars and pounds of candy has been spent and ... (Read 3076 times) 6 Full story

St. Peter's responds to parents and teachers about the post on the homeless man arrested - Has the story been told accurately

We only have to believe what we're told in this world, those who chose to preach the word of GOD we tend to believe unconditionally. I posted the information earlier in the week about the homeless man arrested at their ... (Read 6517 times) 6 Full story

International School of Columbus Closing Oct 25th, Mr. Sims destroys dreams of students

It's better the students transfer now though, because a new quarter just started at BCSC. If they dragged it out longer, the kids would have a lot of catching up to do. ... (Read 3268 times) 2 Full story

St. Peter's church has homeless man arrested after he was discovered when church closed

It could have been a simple mistake, maybe the man was wanting to stay warm, maybe he fell asleep then awoke after the church was closed. The paper reported "Patrick A. Campbell, 53, described by police as homeless, is facing ... (Read 2545 times) 2 Full story

Wrestling Promoter Arrested at Own Show

Wrestling Promoter gets arrested at show in Columbus tonight that was falsely advertised! Fuji Brown, PWE promoter was arrested on warrant for non payment of child support at a fundraiser show for the Fireman's Cheer Fund in Columbus, In. Fighting ... (Read 11175 times) 0 Full story

International School of Columbus wants students to go door to door to beg for $100.

International School Of Columbus sent out news that they would like each enrolled student to go out and get $100.00 from 10 people. This request after parents had already spent over $300.00 for new uniforms. Maybe some people are ... (Read 2975 times) 4 Full story

St. Peter's - My daughters were not only bullied while at school but also bullied by the teachers

My daughters were not only bullied while at school but also bullied by the teachers and I was bullied by the Pastor during a church service. I was greatly upset because the kindergarten teacher at the time set my child in ... (Read 4755 times) 0 Full story

What was the real reason Caddies change their name to "the brew pub" ? Here is one idea...

Tom Wetherald has officially changed Caddies name to The Brew Pub from pressure of pending lawsuits. Under the new name he has officially fired the best sound man in Columbus and has also eliminated the dj in the Clubhouse side. ... (Read 6333 times) 3 Full story

Bullying at St. Peter's School? Seems parents are speaking out anonymously to avoid being judged

Has anyone else experienced bullying at St. Peter's school? Did the principal help you in any way? It seems that it is happening again this year. ... (Read 32565 times) 7 Full story

Jonah Sims should be canned so fast his head his spinning...until this happens the school lacks credibility

From an outsider's point of view--Why in the world has Jonah Sims not been fired? The school is taking a public beat-down due to the actions of this man. If he were the head of any other school--he would have ... (Read 3483 times) 1 Full story

Rightway Fasteners unable to get Toyota Certification on oven has meeting with employees.

Just because an oven is certified by one company doesn't mean it is OK to use for another company that isn't certified it. ... (Read 6145 times) 1 Full story

Pacheco Winery received waiver from the entire council, Kudos to Doug (owner) for being a visionary

Just a few clarifications to the linked article: Doug (with whom myself and many others in the city are on a first name basis) did receive a waiver from the entire council, not solely Kristen. He has struggled to solve the ... (Read 2429 times) 3 Full story

So the Hope Bullies Want to Threaten....

We hear that some in Hope are upset with our stories... Too bad.... ... (Read 3266 times) 0 Full story

Girl gives lunch money to help family, later learns she was scammed - be on the lookout

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a couple at the Circle K gas station on W 46, that claimed to have been camping at the river and someone broke the back window out of their car and ... (Read 2493 times) 1 Full story

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