Wrestling Promoter Arrested at Own Show

Wrestling Promoter gets arrested at show in Columbus tonight that was falsely advertised! Fuji Brown, PWE promoter was arrested on warrant for non payment of

International School of Columbus wants students to go door to door to beg for $100.

International School Of Columbus sent out news that they would like each enrolled student to go out and get $100.00 from 10 people. This request

St. Peter's - My daughters were not only bullied while at school but also bullied by the teachers

My daughters were not only bullied while at school but also bullied by the teachers and I was bullied by the Pastor during a church


Greensburg Schools Sued!! The mother of teen who was a victim of bullying at Greensburg High School has filed a lawsuit against the school and several administrators. More to come! ... (Read 1612 times) 0 Full story

New Questions We're Hearing

We hear these questions asked. A lot. ... (Read 3484 times) 0 Full story

Professional Services LLC replaces families lights they destroyed

Wanted to note, Professional Services llc (lawn company) Came through with their promise to replace my broken light. (Read more about the complaint here) Not only did they replace it, but since they were not able to ... (Read 3697 times) 0 Full story

Alarm System Store is one of the largest independently owned security companies in the midwest

The marketplace for alarm systems and security equipment has changed much over the last decade or so. The birth of the web in the mid 90's fostered this change by putting regional dealers and wholesalers in direct ... (Read 3845 times) 0 Full story

Tom Jekel joins The Republic as the new/old EDITOR today

  Guess what, why didn't the paper tell us about their new editor...? Maybe they are ashamed.  Tom left Times-Reporter located in New Philadelphia, OH, he started at The Republic today.  "When he arrived in Philadelphia, OH from Indiana in 2009, we were ... (Read 4765 times) 1 Full story

Pit Bull owner fined 4 times over dogs getting loose, blames reason on being neutered

"A dog's personality is formed more by genetics and environment than by sex hormones." ... (Read 3507 times) 0 Full story

2 infants left in car while couple seeks employment, both arrested for neglect

Another case of children being left alone in a car... DON'T DO IT! I might add just because you've been arrested for neglect doesnt mean you neglect your children. ... (Read 4856 times) 1 Full story

Cummins reducing hours cancelled temps, layoffs possible

Cummins Fuel Systems Plant (FSP). The (Celect) orders are going down and they are making full time employees go to only four days a week for the rest of the third quarter and doesn't look good for the fouth quarter ... (Read 4904 times) 0 Full story

Food Drive locations updated if you are wanting to donate to Honor Dr. Benjamin

This is all great! RIP Dr. Ben Gilmore, You have made a tremendous impact on so many people and touched so many lives... You are and always will be truly missed. We love you and I can see your smiling ... (Read 3433 times) 0 Full story

Family upset about facilities, Lincoln Park Batting Cages not being open

We recieved this statement back on Aug 3rd - "I just took my family to the Lincoln Batting Cages for the 3rd time and they are not open!!!  Their hours say they open at 5pm so we sat there ... (Read 2470 times) 5 Full story


Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick Dehaan says gas prices are expected to continue falling this week. Dehaan says malfunctions at three Midwest refineries and a pipeline failure in Wisconsin appear to be corrected. A Triple A report says gas prices are ... (Read 2311 times) 7 Full story


Columbus Police Sgt Matt Harris has been named the top DARE Officer in the state. Columbus Police Chief Jason Maddix says Harris has made a difference in the community by touching the lives of young people during their most formidable ... (Read 2659 times) 0 Full story


Animal rights group PETA wants Jackson County Sheriff Michael Carothers to investigate the death of 300,000 hens at Rose Acre Farms. The group said the birds died over a three day period this summer due to extreme heat. PETA Cruelty ... (Read 2923 times) 0 Full story


Columbus Indiana is one of the best places to retire according to Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money. Visitors Center Marketing Director Erin Hawkins said U.S. baby boomers across the nation could flock to the community that boasts a high standard of ... (Read 2411 times) 0 Full story

Bartholomew County "library is, in essence, an Easy Bake Oven"

Wish Kristen Brown could do something about the electric (lighting) cost at the library. It turns out the library is, in essence, an Easy Bake Oven where energy-inefficient incandescent ceiling lights serve as its heat source, ... (Read 2157 times) 0 Full story

Dorel Juvenile Group approves contract - 317 yes to 49 no

Dorel contract renewal - Voting ended today at 4:30 pm. There were 317 yes votes and 49 no. ... (Read 2034 times) 2 Full story

The Republic Wants Our Stories

Apparently, The Republic likes our supply of stories. They are trying to steer it their way. The ad above is on page 3 of today's Republic. Problem is, they won't print most of the stories we get. Besides, we have a lot more ... (Read 1825 times) 8 Full story

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