St. Peter's responds to parents and teachers about the post on the homeless man arrested - Has the story been told accurately

We only have to believe what we're told in this world, those who chose to preach the word of GOD we tend to believe unconditionally. I posted the information earlier in the week about the homeless man arrested at their church based on the information in the paper. The paper intentionally omitted what happened to lead people to buy newspapers, is this, negativism or just business. I am sorry if I sensationalized this story to encourage debate based on the information provided. Who is really the bad guy here... me or the paper?

International School of Columbus Closing Oct 25th, Mr. Sims destroys dreams of students

It's better the students transfer now though, because a new quarter just started at BCSC. If they dragged it out longer, the kids would have a lot of catching up to do.

St. Peter's church has homeless man arrested after he was discovered when church closed

It could have been a simple mistake, maybe the man was wanting to stay warm, maybe he fell asleep then awoke after the church was


Separate Factories Experienced Suicide Attempts in Same Week.

  What are the chances of 2 different companies having to deal with the possibility someone would attempt to take their life using equipment on their job. Today we learned about a temporary working at Dorel on 3rd shift tried to ... (Read 3887 times) 1 Full story

Therese Miller Named Indiana State CASA Director of a the Year

Praised for Passion and Mentorship ... (Read 4322 times) 0 Full story

John Clark, The Republic plays stupid when talking with locals

After The Republic runs a story boasting how awesome they are about advertising, they received a comment about how they won't be receiving any journalism awards - "won't be winning any journalism awards though... not with the way you only ... (Read 4149 times) 1 Full story

9th Street park still a danger to visit after hours, where oh where is Kristen Brown's promises

For the past three nights there have been a group of people hanging in the park most of the evening. Last night and the night before, upon leaving one of the teens from this group has jumped someone at the ... (Read 3409 times) 4 Full story

Parade Route needs re-routed said City Officials

As I read in the paper I am conflicted with several things...  City officials are reconsidering the Ethnic Expo parade route, after reports that the Fourth and Washington streets intersection might not be ready by Saturday.  "We had some rain days so ... (Read 4259 times) 5 Full story

Columbus Group, met on Kristen's Campaign wins $14 million, excludes 2 members from winnings

This story is one sided; however, I believe after the 10+ emails, phone calls talking about this and everyone giving the same story it has some merit or truth. We would love any and all details, but if there is ... (Read 5369 times) 2 Full story

Alternate Routes around Jonathan Moore Pike and access to Highway 65 from Columbus this weekend...

Here are some suggestions to travel around Highway 46 known as Jonathan Moore Pike due to construction.  Indiana 11 to 200s, turn right travel too Terrace Lake Road, take a right. At the stop sign you can turn right onto Carr ... (Read 3628 times) 0 Full story

Town board in Jonesville refuses to protect the town from aggressive dogs

Here is the issue: two months ago I was outside letting our dog out and the neighbors pit bull came into my yard and tried to attack me and my dog. I fought with the dog to keep it away ... (Read 4374 times) 6 Full story

Columbus Cab Company Introduces $5 Fridays!

All fairs within the city of Columbus are just $5 all day long. ... (Read 2675 times) 0 Full story

Cummins to enhance their contractor prequalifications

Cummins, Inc., a global power leader in service engines, has joined the PICS consortium. With customers in approximately 190 countries and territories, Cummins will adopt PICS products DocuGUARD, InsureGUARD to prequalify contractors and suppliers around the globe. PICS' supply chain ... (Read 2655 times) 0 Full story

Woman falls 14 feet off wall at CRH, lands in bushes.

It was a freak accident that happened in a blink of an eye. Picture this, you just heard the news your grandchild has just been born. You are eager to tell everyone, you sit down, start to txt on your ... (Read 3835 times) 9 Full story

Fear Fair opens Sept 28th... Ranked 1st as Indiana's Scariest Haunted House

  Come join us at fear fair, Indiana's scariest haunted house. Ranked 1st in Indiana and 7th in the nation. We are back for the 12th scare season with alot of fright for you! Opening day is September 28st at 8pm. We've ... (Read 2691 times) 0 Full story

Local Cancer Survivors and Volunteers Traveled to Nation’s Capital to Urge Congress to Make Cancer a National Priority

Volunteers Met with Indiana Congressional Delegation to Ask for Support for Cancer Research and Prevention Funding and Patient Quality of Life (Columbus, Indiana)– September 21, 2012 – Beth Hardesty and her daughter Elizabeth Wright of Columbus traveled with other ... (Read 2595 times) 0 Full story

Father kicks 11 year old out of house, boy calls police after walking from Shadow Creek

info came in from the officer on scene at Circle K. ... (Read 3593 times) 0 Full story

Turnips to the middle aged woman creeping on neighborhoods in red jeep

Received this message moments ago... Red jeep with middle aged woman driving around harvest meadows asked my son his name, saw me and drove off.. Please be on the look out and talk to your kids about strangers.  ... (Read 3594 times) 0 Full story

Risk It! Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition October 25th 6pm

What do you get when you mix six great ideas, a judging panel, good food, a cash bar and a comedian? Risk It: Indiana! ... (Read 2704 times) 0 Full story

Turnips to the driver imitating a Duke electric employee with no uniform

  Columbus residents beware! This happened this morning! There is a guy in a tank top and shorts, driving some sort of a red car, claiming to be with the electric company and he's out casing homes. My mom told me about ... (Read 2185 times) 3 Full story

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