Addison Bakehouse 4th year in business!

Addison Bakehouse has not closed, contrary to some social media posts.

Northview Assembly of God Church and William D. Hamm

Lots of complaints about Northview.... Lets start here. We will have much more in the coming days.

39 year old Sends Pic of His Penis to A Five Year Old Girl

He contacted a ten year old girl. She told him she was five years old and to leave her alone. He sent a picture of his weenie anyway.


9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch Blackballed by Mayor Lienhoop

This past Thursday night at a meeting hosted by Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center, Mayor Jim Lienhoop held a question and answer meeting with the residents of 9th Street Area. To say how disappointed I am in this current administration is the understatement of ... (Read 3608 times) 3 Full story

Eastern Bartholomew Water Corp. repairing line - could be until midnight till fixed

Hello- I work in the office at Eastern Bartholomew Water Corp. Could you please let all customers on our system who currently do not have water, or extremely low pressure, that our guys are repairing the issue now. It could possibly ... (Read 3383 times) 0 Full story

Controversy surrounding the validity of the Hidden Check location- Was it even hidden at all? Some would say no!

Was the check even hidden? It wasn't there and I looked over the entire bridge... How did it appear? ... (Read 4481 times) 1 Full story

City bought land from me and now my home floods due to the run off issue in my neighborhood.

My name is Paul Clear so here goes, laws prevent people from blocking , altering , or removing any part of a natural water run off from rains, melting snow, ect... Now if you do so and it should then ... (Read 2556 times) 0 Full story

Death of my dog Bailey Brooks

On March 19th my dog was struck and killed by a truck. The city animal care center was kind enough to take her to the Humane Society for me. Where she is to be buried at there animal cemetery. However ... (Read 3644 times) 1 Full story

What's It Going To Take? More Deaths?

54-year-old Terri Bradtke was walking south across Rocky Ford Road near the intersection with Candlelight Drive at 6:18 a.m. Monday December 9th, 2014. ... (Read 4370 times) 1 Full story

Inadequate planning to house animals at the new Bartholomew County Humane Society

November 15, 2014 Bartholomew County Humane Society Board of Directors, As an avid animal advocate, I have become greatly concerned with the upcoming move to your new shelter due to the lack of planned space for the present number of cats. The ... (Read 4299 times) 3 Full story

I Am the Face of Domestic Violence

From a father who was abusive to her and her mother, to a husband that was the same way. A woman finally steps away and stops the cycle. "You're ugly, and stupid, and you'll never amount to anything!" Can you imagine saying ... (Read 8408 times) 0 Full story

WARNING - Carter Crossing is nice, please use caution when dealing with Beacon Builders and Jennifer Gabriel

I would like to warn people about a situation that occurred with the new home my wife and I had built at Carter Crossing. Beacon Builders is the builder for this development. They build an outstanding home! However, MANY mistakes ... (Read 16184 times) 0 Full story

Love Chapel & Bridge of Hope - support for single mothers

Bridge of Hope at Love Chapel serves single mothers who struggle with inadequate housing or lack permanent housing. The program can be an opportunity for someone who is looking for encouragement and support as they work toward financial stability ... (Read 7411 times) 1 Full story

Seymour Man Faces Meth Charges This couple also have a baby together. Josh also has another daughter with another lady. Please submit anonymously. ... (Read 8385 times) 0 Full story

Do you think Mr. Jackson should have served more time?

I know this individual wasn't operating a meth lab or selling drugs to an undercover officer...but the fact remains, he broke the law. ... (Read 5321 times) 0 Full story


Be ready. Could be bad. ... (Read 2510 times) 0 Full story

CRH is a bully! RN's now required to get a bachelor degree or be fired

Currently CRH is making all nurses get their Bachelors degree or be fired. CRH has lost some kind of rating and the only way to get it back is by forcing the nurses to further their education. CRH is a ... (Read 7257 times) 4 Full story

Horizon House is in need of childcare for their families on Monday evenings

I am forwarding this message for Debbie Morrow, Horizon House Shelter Manager.  The shelter is in need of childcare for their families on Monday evenings for 1 to 2 hours.  The adults attend life skill classes during this time and ... (Read 3491 times) 2 Full story

John Clark leaves The Republic to join White River Broadcasting news team (1010 WCSI) - Hmm...

Former Republic news editor John Clark is our new News Director. - says Scott Michael's ... (Read 5358 times) 2 Full story

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