Hope Cop Cheating on His Wife?

Rumors, rumors, rumors........

Hopes own fire department not good enough for town contract -

I would like to enlighten the townspeople on what is going on, and why all of us are at risk.  The town of hope has

That deal with the Hope FD... Clifford built their new station with no help

The contractor stayed 3 months after being informed that they had run out of money. The contractor is blaming Hope FD for him having to


Hope fire is in financial trouble. ...rumor has it the fire department

8/19/14 secret submission Hope fire is in financial trouble. ...rumor has it the fire department has squandered over 800,000 on a new building that is not complete, the builder will not finnish until he is paid over 100,000 they claim is ... (Read 2033 times) 0 Full story

He can twist the story all he wants, but the truth will always be there....

Received 1/8/15 -  In response to the shared Republic story about the Hope Fire Department and David Howell's comment about his resignation from the department: David Howell did abandon a patient, specifically in the incident surrounding the Hope police reserve/volunteer fire fighter ... (Read 2744 times) 1 Full story

Hope Police Officer, Keith Lawson, "sex in uniform, on duty, in police cruiser" not with his wife...

We've been around a long time and over time we learn of interesting things we think the public should know. One of the newest things is about Hope Police Department Keith Lawson who is married to Ashley Lawson, both live ... (Read 12656 times) 0 Full story

What really happened in Hope Fire Department? "Should the EMT be charged with official misconduct"

"Please post anonymously, I have some information in regards to the posts about the hope fire department I've seen. David Howell was suspended from the hope fire department before he resigned. He abandoned a patient yesterday and the department ... (Read 14524 times) 4 Full story

I am a mad hope resident. "Hope volunteer fire department is nothing but a popularity contest"

I am a mad hope resident. I heard with my own ears from the second chief from the hope volunteer fire department that he is burnt out on making medic runs.. He just sits home and listens to it all. ... (Read 5449 times) 1 Full story

Hope Fireman resigns on Facebook - "Officers are placed by popularity not qualifications & overstep bounds..."

Ok...this goes out to the Hope community and any member of Hope fire that reads this.... Effective July 19, 2014 I, David Howell, resign my position on the Fire Dept...regretfully....I served my community well with dignity,dedication and integrity for 13 years. ... (Read 3408 times) 0 Full story

Hope Man fires gun off in bathroom, daddy is Hope police reserve officer (retired) David Boston

He must have made dadda proud... only holding a gun permit for one day, it is lucky he didn't shoot himself in the foot. #Dumbass ... (Read 7019 times) 0 Full story

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