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Hope Police Officer, Keith Lawson, "sex in uniform, on duty, in police cruiser" not with his wife...


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image Keith and Ashley Lawson

We've been around a long time and over time we learn of interesting things we think the public should know. One of the newest things is about Hope Police Department Keith Lawson who is married to Ashley Lawson, both live in Hope.

We're told Ashley has been with Keith since she was 15 and has always been faithful but "we're told she said he is "manipulative, deceitful, and a plain out ass, along with cheating more than "she can count".

What does this say about the mentality of an officer who has made a commitment to protect and serve, if he thinks it's OK to have an alleged affair on his wife what other things would be think is OK?


The alleged affair has been going on for about 7 months with a co-worker and is now expecting a baby in July of 2015 with his 'mistress.'

His wife has said this is one of multiple affairs he's had over the years. Now Keith says he doesn't want anything to do with the child. Keith has expressed his concern for losing his job since this is an "immoral act" to have an affair along with his inappropriate conduct while on duty. 

Interim Chief, Matt Tallent is aware and hasn't said or done anything about the behavior. What Matt may not know is Keith used his department issued police car to have "sex" while in uniform and on duty. If he didn't he does now. A couple of places he was caught having sex in the patrol car, the graveyard in Hope and also the school parking lot. This is absolutely disgusting to me any officer would abuse his power like this. 

As for the woman Keith was having the alleged affair, she, we're told, was under the impression keith was "separated" from his wife and he was saving up to leave her. We checked if either Keith or Ashley has filed for divorce but they hadn't. 

Ashley had this to say on Facebook - She admits the above was said by her in "anger" but also claims it was off duty, and if it was then OK - but report is it wasn't off duty! It was on duty in uniform and in the police car issued by the department! 



John Doee I know all 3 involved. Ashley, Keith and the mistress. Ashley I'm sorry you're going through this public humiliation. I know for a fact that this happened and he indeed has someone pregnant. She is almost out of her first trimester and is fact due to have the baby in July. I also know for fact from both the other woman and Keith that they did partake in sex while he was on duty in his patrol car several times. They also had sex in his jeep, in hotel rooms, at her house, at friends houses, and in his wife's Mustang. I also know from what I'm told that she plans on taking him to court for child support after the child is born. He has stated that he wants nothing to do with the child to myself, the mother, his wife and other people he knows. He may not have anything to do with the child but she plans on making him financially responsible for the child as she should. 

Ashley I'm sorry you're going through this but he has lied to you about several things involving this affair. He told a lot of us that he planned on filing for divorce because he wasn't in love with you anymore and stayed because of his son and his income. He stated several times that he wouldn't be able to afford to make it on his own financially. He is using you just as he used the other woman for sex and has now left her pregnant with a lifelong commitment. Keith is not the victim in this. His wife, his son, the woman he lied to and his unborn child are the victims. They are the ones that have to live with this for a lifetime. 

I liked Keith as a person and thought of him as a good friend until I witnessed what happened. He is a low life and a master manipulator as his wife had said. He is what makes the public's view of law enforcement so negative. Cops like him. 


Ashley you need to open your eyes. He is never going to change. He has done this to you more times than you know. Keith you need to man up and be a father to both of your children. And to the mistress I hope your doing ok too. Your a good person and a fantastic mom. You don't need this loser to be part of your kids life.


Remember this, Keith decided to pull someone over in Columbus back in May 2014


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