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ELECTION FRAUD by Indianapolis Star continues today, Election Day


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Please see the attached image of the Indianapolis Star/The Voter Guide/e.thePeople unlawful and fraudulent "sample ballot" below.

I am "THE OTHER CANDIDATE RUNNING" against the 7-term (now running for an 8TH term), corrupt, environmentally destructive incumbent Johnson County Surveyor.

As I announced last week, a formal complaint was filed with the Indiana Election Commission on October 31, charging fraud, electoral fraud, deception, misrepresentation, interference with free and equal elections; violations of IC 3-14-2-19, IC 3-14-2-21, IC 3-14-3-18, and requesting investigation of possible violations of IC 3-14-3-20, IC 3-14-3-21, and IC 3-14-3-21.5.

Parties to the complaint are the Indianapolis Star, d.b.a Indiana Newspapers, Inc., d.b.a. Star Media Group, d.b.a. Indianapolis Star Media Group, d.b.a. StarMedia; whose primary place of business is 307 N Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, and the following responsible parties at that corporation: Karen Crotchfelt, President and Publisher; Jeff Taylor, Editor and Vice President; of 307 N Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46204; also Democracy Project TR d.b.a. e-thePeople.org d.b.a. e.thePeople d.b.a. TheVoterGuide.org d.b.a. The Voter Guide, whose primary place of business is at 244 Fifth Ave., #G262, New York, NY 10001; Michael Weiksner, Chairman.

These parties would also be liable in a civil action.

The sole reason for this debacle, in which the citizens of Johnson County Indiana have been defrauded by a major news media entity and its partner, is arrogance. Pure, unmitigated arrogance. From that springs hypocrisy, immorality, and a host of other illnesses which have, unfortunately, been spread by these parties over Johnson County like a blanket of plague. Our system of democracy has been infected and severely weakened by these parties, and I trust that the IEC will give them a dose of strong enforcement. I pledge that I will also work to ensure that these perpetrators will never be able to do this to the people of Johnson County, or any other Hoosiers, ever again.

Gary "Reform" Moody,
Franklin, Indiana.


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