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ELECTION FRAUD complaint filed against INDIANAPOLIS STAR, New York internet firm

Source: Gary “Reform” Moody

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Subject: A complaint has been filed with the Indiana Elections Commission alleging electoral fraud and violations of Indiana elections statutes by the Indianapolis Star and a New York "non-profit" internet firm.

Specific parties:

The Indianapolis Star, d.b.a Indiana Newspapers, Inc., d.b.a. Star Media Group, d.b.a. Indianapolis Star Media Group, d.b.a. StarMedia; 307 N Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, and the following responsible parties: Karen Crotchfelt, President and Publisher; Jeff Taylor, Editor and Vice President.

Democracy Project TR d.b.a. e-thePeople.org d.b.a. e.thePeople d.b.a. TheVoterGuide.org d.b.a. The Voter Guide, 244 Fifth Ave., #G262, New York, NY 10001; Michael Weiksner, Chairman.


Fraud, electoral fraud, vote fraud, deception, misrepresentation, interference with free and equal elections; violations of IC 3-14-2-19, IC 3-14-2-21, IC 3-14-3-18. I am also requesting investigation of possible violations of IC 3-14-3-20, IC 3-14-3-21, and IC 3-14-3-21.5.


My name is Gary W. Moody, a.k.a. Gary "Reform" Moody, a candidate for Johnson County (Indiana) Surveyor in the current election. I am officially a "write-in candidate", but a "candidate" nonetheless. The only difference being that my name does not appear on the ballot. (I was too busy with other issues earlier this year to gather the 800 or so signatures required to be listed on the ballot.)

I am an advocate and ceaseless worker for social and political reform, for environmental preservation and enhancement, and against public corruption and environmental degradation and destruction. That's what I do. As best I can, given limited resources, but somebody has to do it, because we have big problems in Johnson County. I'm running for Surveyor because of the 7-term incumbent's record of waste, environmental destruction, endangering the public (as seen in the 2008 flood disaster), and corrupt and unlawful practices.

I also have a background in media, including newspapers. Therefore I'm a media critic, and I demand that news media live up to their professional standards, as well as their own hype. I fought with the Indianapolis Star for years over their facilitation of hate speech on their web site. As is typical with the arrogant and powerful, Star management retaliate by attempting to silence critics, particularly myself, because I hit them square in their ethics. (Such as they possess, that is.)

Upon filing my candidacy form and being certified as a candidate, and because I am a free and equal citizen despite the Star's attitude, I reached out to them in a civil fashion to communicate the issues my candidacy seeks to address. The Editor and his staff ignored me, which is their prerogative. However, on September 13 they advertised the following:

"Who is on my ballot? Indystar.com/votersguide will be updated to include all the candidates and ballot questions from six counties -- 

Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson and Marion -- 

plus all races for president, Indiana senator, Indiana Congress members, and the Indiana General Assembly."

Indiana law states:

IC 3-5-2-6 ..."candidate" means a person who:

        (1) Has taken the action necessary to qualify under Indiana law for listing on the ballot at an election or to become a write-in candidate;

        (2) Has publicly announced or declared candidacy for an elected office; or

        (3) Otherwise seeks nomination for or election to an elected office, regardless of whether the individual wins election to the office.

According to the Secretary of State's 2012 Election Administrator's Manual, "All candidates, regardless of party affiliation (major party, minor party, independent, write-in), must meet the same qualifications before the candidate may run for a particular office." Furthermore, under Indiana law:

IC 3-5-2-54 "Write-in candidate" means a candidate:

        (1) who has filed a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate; and

        (2) whose declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate has been accepted by the appropriate authority under IC 3-8-2-5 and IC 3-8-2-6.

Not having heard from the Star, I inquired about inclusion in their Voter Guide on October 1, only to be told "Write in candidates are not included in the voter guide." I wrote a letter to the Star's new Editor, Jeff Taylor, explaining Indiana election laws on candidacy and asked that I be included in the Voter Guide. Taylor didn't reply. I sought help from the Star's new Managing Editor, Kevin Poortinga, who replied "I understand your point about inclusion of all candidates. Let me speak to Jeff..., get a better understanding of why we haven’t opened up our guide to write-in candidates, and determine next steps." Apparently Kevin was told to shut up, because I haven't heard a thing from the Star since. The Star's Publisher, Karen Crotchfelt, has also ignored my pleas to her.

I've also spoken directly with the Star's partner in this endeavor, a fellow named Michael Weiksner of New York City, who founded an organization called e.thePeople, which has marketed a product called the Voter Guide to the Star and other media outlets (please see their web sites: e-thepeople.org, thevoterguide.org). Weiksner promised, in a phone conversation on October 19, that he would help to solve this problem - which, I pointed out, also involves the credibility of his organization(s). His silence has also apparently been obtained by Star management.



Being omitted, despite their false advertising to the contrary, from the Star's Voter Guide is bad enough, but they have actually built fraud and election law violations into the process! Don't take my word for it, browse to http://www.indystar.com - scroll down to the link that says "Voter Guide: Build your own ballot for election." (Ignore the one that tells you to subscribe, please.)

You'll wind up at a page entitled "My Ballot - Indy Voter Guide" - what appears to be an Indy Star web page but with a "thevoterguide.org" URL, and "Powered by e.thePeople" on the right.

Click "enter my address" and use the Johnson County Courthouse address: 5 W. Court St., Franklin IN 46131. Go through the selections for office, choosing one or not. When you get to the listing for Johnson County Surveyor, note that the incumbent, Douglas K. Lechner, with the information he provided, is shown on the left, along with a box to select him. DON'T CLICK IT.

Note that on the right where I should be listed is instead the statement "No other candidates are running." That may have been a simple mistake a month or so ago, but at this point, that is FRAUD.

Continue through the rest of the offices - which include a slew of inapplicable school districts - to the end where you have the option to print the "ballot" and/or have a copy mailed to you, as well as stored for later retrieval online (like when you're in the voting booth with your wireless device). When you get the final product, note that even though you didn't select Douglas K. Lechner for your "ballot", HIS NAME IS ON IT ANYWAY.


THE LEGALITIES - in addition to the general allegations (fraud, etc) as noted above, Indiana statutes specifically address:

1. Anything purporting to be a "ballot" must include a DISCLAIMER as specified by law, otherwise it is illegal to print or circulate it.

2. The "No other candidates are running" scam, and foisting Lechner's name on your "ballot" even though it wasn't selected, taken together or separately, constitute FRAUDULENT INDUCEMENT of votes.

3. Because I'm in the business of advocacy and reform, long story short, the Star's illegal acts against me and my candidacy are unlawful attempts to influence a candidate.

I've also asked the Commission to look at possible issues of unlawful compensation, unlawful pressure on employees, and voter intimidation.

While I may yet seek a court injunction against these parties, I've asked the Commission to take such swift action in the interests of the voters and our system of democracy.

Finally, please feel free to contact me for a copy of the complaint, exhibits, etc, or with further questions. Thank you!


Gary “Reform” Moody for Johnson County Surveyor





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