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Confirmed: DAILY JOURNAL backs CORRUPTION in Johnson County!


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Since at least August, 2009, the Daily Journal has been covering up fraud and corruption involving Johnson County Public Library officials and certain other parties, including state officials.

On Monday afternoon, in a public forum on the failed Johnson County library referendum, and on the future of the library district, I spoke before a crowd of about 100 citizens, for the first time revealing the fraud and corruption which the Daily Journal refused to tell these people about prior to the election. Yet today, in ANNIE GOELLER's article on the meeting, not a word is mentioned about these revelations - facts which Goeller and her bosses have known about for years! You can view what actually happened at the meeting here:


(Several people thanked me for speaking the truth. People around here are actually afraid to speak about this or any similar matters, because they know that they'll suffer for it. "The newspaper" won't take their side, for one thing. For example, library employees have been purged for daring to ask questions or speak contrary opinions. Even public officials around here want to speak up for law and order, but even they are afraid - after all, they've seen what the DAILY JOURNAL has done to me.)

As I say in the video, in 2004 the library director, Beverly Martin, persuaded the Franklin City Council to unlawfully approve a property tax hike for the COUNTY library district. If the Daily Journal was at those two City Council meetings, they didn't report what happened.

It happened again in 2009, when Martin & company actually shopped around for approval for a $2 million bond issue between the City Council and County Council - the latter being, as in 2004, the only body who could lawfully act on the request. This time, there's a record of the DAILY JOURNAL blowing it:

"Franklin City Council member steps down to lead local agency" By Sarah Michalos, August 5, 2009 - Michalos was apparently at the Aug. 3, 2009 City Council meeting when the "shopping around" began, and didn't report it, even though Joseph Pete's article on plans for the bond issue ran two days earlier.

"Library study gets OK" By Annie Goeller, August 12, 2009 - Goeller witnessed the bizarre event at the County Council meeting on Aug. 10, and it went right over her head! Or, more likely, she covered up what happened. On top of that, she gave her own bizarrely erroneous analysis: "The county council and the Franklin City Council would both need to give approval for the library to borrow the money." OMG, Annie, like, where'd you get that?

"Library gets OK to study, buy property" By Sarah Michalos, August 19, 2009 - God help the people employing her now... if they'd sat in front of her naked, Michalos would've missed it. She was always that clueless. The fraud posse showed up at City Hall again on Aug. 17, stated that they're a CITY library district all of a sudden, by golly, and the bond issue was approved. In case you're wondering: NO, they didn't go back to the County! Did Annie wonder about that?

Because I'd been criticizing the Journal for years about printing letters from local bigots, and other goofs, Editor Scarlett Syse Feathers put me on her Enemies List. I'll bet it's a long one. So when I ran for school board in 2008, simply to make the point that local elections should be contested (which is not the norm in Johnson County), Feathers sicced Goeller and Michele Holtkamp on me. Scarlett's Goon Squad, I called 'em. And appropriate, given Goeller's constant scowl and personality problems. Annie wrote a ONE THOUSAND FOUR-HUNDRED EIGHTY word hit piece on me, which probably took her a solid week of work to pull from under various rocks and slimebags (Including a murderer. Nice, Annie).

But an illegal property tax scam in 2004, a municipal securities fraud in 2009, leading to a $385,000 campaign of lies, distortions, and outright tyranny? ANNIE GOELLER, SCARLETT SYSE, CHUCK WELLS, and JEFFREY BROWN are just FINE with that, and refuse to print ONE word about it. Such as my polite letter to the editor sent last week. The bigots running the Daily Journal won't reply, won't come to their phones, all communication with me is verboten. And instead of competent and conscientious library correspondent Joseph Pete, they sent Evil Annie to the public forum, knowing that she's a walking censor of all hints of public corruption. A "good ol' girl", that is. 

No, what's happened with the library isn't just due to the fact that former editor and publisher JEFF OWEN was well-paid to run the library's capital campaign, or the fact that the campaign's web site was hosted by HOME NEWS ENTERPRISES - little conflicts that somehow weren't mentioned (I think Owen's relationship was mentioned once, near election day - but not for months beforehand). What happened, and is still happening, with the library story is a corporate culture at HNE - corporate "good ol' boy-ism" and plain old sleaze.

My advice to anyone working for Home News Enterprises is: If you have integrity, and value it, run away as fast as you can. Which is also always my advice to ADVERTISERS and SUBSCRIBERS (and "news-gathering partners"). Just wait until the word gets to them. It will. Truth always conquers lies, don't you know.


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