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FOUND - Qmix hidden check clues 2015 - Audio and Text - for the second time


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image Found the check on the 2nd street cable bridge

This years second hidden check was amazing. Reaching 32 clues it was found by David Seiwert on the second street cable bridge while he was on lunch. Qmix did a better job with the clues as people were frantically searching when the check was hiding in the perfect spot. Listen to David explain his thinking on the clues. It's audio on the right titled 20150625-133003.mp3



Surprisingly Qmix is having another hidden check since the first one was "found" so quickly by someone who happen to stumble upon it.

Hopefully this time the check was hidden in a better place and the clues which will be given M-F at 8am and 11am are 100 times better.

We will bring you the audio and clues every day hopefully as close as possible to when they're released. Of course, QMIX has blocked us from all their social media outlets so we will have trouble getting the "additional clues" but we're smarter than they are and always will be. 

Radio clues can be heard & downloaded >>>> in the right-hand column


Clue #1 radio -

Last time around the, check was found quick. This time the clues are harder.... It's part of the shtick


Clue 2 - social media

QMIX: Your 1st Reliable Comfort Heating and Air QMIX Hidden Check Clue: Condition yourself to trust these clues. They are Reliable. :)

clue 3 - radio

If you seek the bounty, Look no further than Bartholomew County

clue 4 - social media 

no trespassing 

clue 5 - audio

Leave your shovel, messes are for pigs. To find the check, there's no need to dig.

clue 6 - txt message

Don't forget, we're Farming new clues Daily

clue 7 - radio

We are running out of time to make a rhyme. So let's just be blatant. You don't have to climb.

clue 8 - txt message

Look where the trees Bud in the Light.

clue 9 - radio

 To score the check you can't be too green. To claim the prize you must be 18. 

Clue 10 - txt message

For daytime hunting, don't forget your SPF 107.3.

clue 11 - radio

Don't ever doubt that when choosing sides the best is out

clue 12 - txt message

Hope the check doesn't have allergies! 

Clue 13 - radio

 If you think the check sees both light and dark... Keep thinking that way you're not far from the mark

clue 14 - txt message

Don't go cross-eyed. Look outside.

clue 15 - radio (missed recording it so no audio today)

If Mother Nature Cooperates, you’ll get to hunt under a clear sky. If Mother Nature is cranky, You’ll need an umbrella to stay dry

clue 16 - photo of tree tops

clue 17 - audio

Please remember your manners and we'll be overjoyed. When you're out searching... Make sure nothing's destroyed. 

Clue 18 - txt message 

Enjoy the Fresh Air! 

clue 19 - audio I missed again

The sky is blue and the grass is green from this clue information you may glean

clue 20 - txt message

Keep Calm and Don't Make a Mess.

clue 21 - audio

If you're looking for wisdom...here's a little pearl. If you keep your eyes peeled... you may see a squirrel

clue 22 - photo

Clue 23 - audio 

In the great debate some say nurture.... But it never hurt to get closer to nature

clue 24 - txt message photo

Did You Miss Some Clues Look Through Our Menus

clue 25 - audio (at fair grounds I think)

Stay away from the fair the, check is not there. Keep that in mind if the prize you hope to find.

clue 26 - txt message 

1+0+7+3 (It's 11 - FYI) 

clue 27 - audio

No matter which way you travel...11 is your lucky number. Start your search today, there's no reason to slumber. 

Clue 28 - 

dont forget to pay your bill (picture of jim Carey from the cable guy)

Clue 29 - audio (in Columbus township)

Let's narrow it down... We'll  shorten the trip. Make sure you're looking in Columbus township.

clue 30 - txt 

Reached the end? Look for Old Glory & try again. 

Clue 31 - audio

The check is still out there, and we're kind of proud. From where the check sits, the traffic is loud. 

Clue 32 - txt 

If you found the lights, you're halfway there. 



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