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Edinburgh Officer Christopher McAllister & wife, Shawntel BACK in the news... Incident at Max & Erma's BANNED for LIFE


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image Christopher and Shawntel McAllister (June 1, 2012)

No charges filed, in either incident...

Original tip received 2/8/14 "He and wife was intoxicated she started dancing on tables he got into it and supposedly threatened an off duty officer who was eating dinner with his son and also threatened the bartender. I was told that the chief was notified who in return contacted capt. Duke from Bartholomew County Sheriff's office. 

I was told that officer was told to stay quiet and block the call in computer so couldn't be seen by anyone"

What we've learned from talking to 4 witnesses... We're working on getting the footage from cell phones. 

All this is alleged but witnesses at Max & Erma's the night of December 30th 2013 got a show when Shawntel McAllister, General Manager at Calvin Klein (per her FB page), showed up intoxicated. Witnesses said she came into the restaurant, allegedly danced on tables, made out with a window, even allegedly asking people to do sexual things to her. Then her husband came in 20 minutes later OFF DUTY.

Witnesses didn't know it was her husband at the time. Once he arrived, his wife wanted a drink, but the bartender said no since she had one too many already. That is when Shawntel allegedly said she's going to beat the bartender's ass for not serving her. Keep in mind, Max & Erma's didn't sell any alcohol to Shawntel.

This is when Officer Christopher McAllister allegedly got mad Max & Erma's wouldn't serve her. Said they were out of line.

Then he allegedly got into it with the manager after they had asked him to leave. This is when the Edinburgh police came to the scene. Since the incident involved an Edinburgh Officer Columbus police department came to investigate. 

We are told both Chris and his wife Shawntel was banned from Max & Erma's for life, the ban was handed down by Corporate. 

FLASHBACK to 2012 - 

An Edinburgh police officer, Christopher McAllister and his wife, Shawntel are facing several charges for reportedly attacking several officers prior to the Indy 500 Sunday, May 27 2012.

Officer Christopher McAllister is facing charges of battery with injury against a police officer, resisting law enforcement and pubic intoxication. His wife, Shawntel McAllister, is facing charges of resisting law enforcement and public intoxication. 

Edinburgh Town Council, which serves as town's police merit commission, voted to place Officer Christopher McAllister, 44, on unpaid leave until the case is resolved in Marion County. Since the town does not have a policy regarding what to do when an officer is charged with a crime. Police Chief Pat Pankey allowed him to continue working and deferred the decision on what should be done to the Town Council.

He was suspended for about 8 weeks, and got 6 weeks backpay, guess he and she didn't learn anything from all this... What is happening about this situation? 

Good to know Edinburgh Police have their act together... 


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