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Is Job Corps right for your Child?

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Before you make a decision that will impact your child(ren) for the rest of their lives, leaves the question: Is this really what will help my kid? Or is this just a bandaid to a bigger problem?

With th recent Stabbing at Job Corps in Edinburgh Indiana - I would like to encourage you to truly investigate Job Corps with *police reports, number of times the police were called, trips to the local hospitals, and yes with many success stories you are correct to say reading about the bad is more interesting. Just like the media we want readers or visitors, and we know what brings them in... 
A former employee who was appalled about the wrong doing at the Edinburgh center finally reached their breaking point causing them to walk away from their career. While employed over the 5 years the amount of drugs, sex, abuse, fights, stabbings broke their confidence in such a great place for kids. Depending on the severity of your child's communication break down, sometimes real life is the true lessons to be learned, or in other words *tough love*.
Job Corps has and will continue to reach many troubled teens, while not reaching the ones who are FORCED to be there... keep in mind, once they are on the grounds, getting them out isn't easy! A lesson I learned over my lifetime is the company you keep defines the outcome of your behavior, not being able to reach your child's level at this time in their life and sending them to a place like Job Corp, could be disastrous or could have a positive effect on their life.
Getting your child(ren) away from the crowd they run with, is the key issue to solving a lot of the problems. I know I am rambling on about whatever, but I have read and had many discussions with other parents who were in your same shoes.
What you are presented with at time of orientation in Job Corps and during the tour, and listening to what some of the kids on campus say could be and most likely be a facade to what really occurs. The level of quietness about on campus events is strictly kept from parents unless you child witnesses them, and if so and they report what they have seen could cause issues for the trouble maker...
I guess my point is, don't just take what they say to be GOLD, ask questions lots of them, and watch their reactions... 
If your child has a hard time with following directions, completing education, not working, doing drugs, drinking all the time, knowing the world, just remember we too were just like them... and we know what it took for us to become the people we are today. Don't pawn them off unless they want to go, cause great things have come from Job Corps, many trades can be learned if one can FOCUS only on themselves instead of whats going on around them, if your children can't focus Job Corps is more likely a punishment and will be unsuccessful.
Again I am sorry for my ramblings and I hope to hear what you decide...  I hope it helps and I wish your child(ren) luck on their adventures, regret to anything just takes who we are away, each event in our lives, good or bad defines our complete existence.


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