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Edinburgh Cracker Barrel - eat at your own risk

Source: Concerned Customer

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We went to Edinburgh Cracker Barrel for a late lunch today (about 3 pm). Mind you, our prior experience there was a fly in my daughter's macaroni, but these things happen and I went back. Well, needless to say, we had yet another strange and dissatisfying experience.

After sitting about ten minutes, a server approached us (Kristi, a server with obvious fake red hair) saying that she wasn't our server but she would "take us" and took our drink order.

Minutes later, another server (Rebecca) approached us saying that her manager asked her to stay over and take more tables, so she was taking us. We told her we already gave our drink order and weren't ready to order yet.

When Kristi returned with our drinks, she was shitty about Rebecca taking our table and her personality changed from "fake happy" to "I could care less"... She placed a glass and not a child's cup in front of my 4 year old daughter and when I told her we needed a kid's cup she said "well Rebecca will get you that then" in a very catty manner.

Rebecca comes back and we ask her for a kid's cup and she says "well I guess Kristi isn't gonna get that, so I guess I will"... Ok at this point, I'm like "seriously!?!?" When Rebecca returns with the cup, we are ready to order.

Well, they are out of the lunch special, the dinner special isn't ready yet, they are out of mashed potatoes and baked potatoes... Ok... so we order. When she reads it back to us, it is butchered so we once again go through what each person wants.

She is scribbling aimlessly at her notepad in an attempt to fix our order... So she reads it back and it's correct. We ask that she bring biscuits because we are hungry. She returns a few minutes later with two big plates of biscuits and about 25 butters.

The biscuits are rock hard and could possibly be used as weapons... What an experience up to this point, right? Well then the food comes out. Some is missing, some is incorrect, and damn near all of it was mushy and soggy with cold/warm spots.

We know from prior experience that the managers absolutely do not give a shit so in lieu of complaining to them so they can blankly stare at us, we decide to write you in warning that people should just steer clear altogether.


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moorem 03/07/2012 21:44:07
lovely! =/
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seems petty 03/07/2012 22:39:49
Did you really feel the need to submit 2 stories over 1 restaurant? umm move on. Pick a new eatery. Your story seems petty and therefor doesn't sway me. I think you expected trouble, you found trouble and you reported trouble. Why not leave a poor tip and not come back? It's what most people would do. Swearing in your story hardly sells your point either. Did you get fired from here?
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YouTwitFace 03/07/2012 23:31:21
Yes, I took a family of 5 in to spend $60 on crap food just so I could complain about it later. And I don't give a SHIT if I swayed you.
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Still petty 04/07/2012 22:54:43
Umm if you weren't trying to convince people not to go there then why did you bother to write it?

Ma'am I'm just pointing out the obvious...you seem to have a chip on your shoulder about this place and you have no problem using profanity to get your point across.

I am merely pointing out that you might be better served by handling it in a more adult manner and just stating the problem. For instance why the bad comments about her hair?

Seems like you have a personal problem with these people/restaurant. Imagine if you were slighted at work and you had every right to complain but instead of handling it like a professional you went to HR and said "That fat heifer Becky screwed my job up! You know Becky the one with the obvious dye job.
Yeah the smelly one!" Of course you wouldn't do that because you would want HR to believe you. Well the same goes here as well.

You seem to have started a vendetta against this restaurant for very little.

Clean it up and you might save somebody having a bad experience. Phrase it like a petulant child and all you accomplish is giving people entertainment.

I can tell you if I ran Columbuzz.net you would be the full time food critic because I deeply enjoy laughing at your complaints and I am sure others do too. Bon appetit.
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amanda 04/07/2012 00:49:54
I used to work at the Cracker Barrell in Shelbyville. I can tell you that this is not they way a guest should be treated. I can remember the corprate phone numbef as it4 has been a few years since working there, but I am sure that if you call them they would be very unhappy to here that the facility is being ran in such a poor manner and that there staff is so rude and not doing there job. That is grounds for imediant termanation. Why the management allowed this to occure is beond me but I highly erge you to contact there boss. Cracker Barrell Prides themselves on the friendlyness of there staff, quality of there food and cleanlyness of there facililty. Im so sorry you had such a poor experiance but dont let that cause you to not choose other locations. Shelbyville Indiana has one on 44 right by the I74 ramp. Im sure you would get great treatment and wonderful food.
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A. Simpson 04/07/2012 06:46:45
What kind of dumbbell goes back to a restaurant they have complained about in the past?
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crack house whore 06/07/2012 18:50:56
It's people like you who come to places constantly just to find things to complain about to try to get a free meal...I'm sure you ate it all too but it was "horrible"? right?!?! I think your an amateur food "critic". I wish cracker barrel's were like lamberts where they get to throw the bread at you...since the biscuits are weapons. Just don't go back and get a grip..it's no elmo's steakhouse.
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Brick Layer 07/07/2012 03:46:13
I reckon it's no worse than using crackhousewhore as a user name to get a grip on comment....lol.
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CB employee 09/07/2012 01:03:26
First and foremost I would like to say that a competent reviewer or writer would never use profanity in a review. Secondly, to comment on how a person looks or how fake their hair is totally out of context in a restaurant review.

I have worked at Cracker Barrel for many years, and I am a server at this location. In all those years I have never heard of an insect in the food. Our restaurant is one of the cleanest you will find. The mission statement of our company is "Pleasing People". If you had a problem with the food you should have spoken to the manager on duty and most likely your meal would have been at the expense of the restaurant. All of our managers will go the extra mile to achieve guest satisfaction at any time. If you were really unhappy after speaking to management you should have called the Corporate Office.

By writing such an offhanded and clearly biased "opinion" not actually a review, I wonder if you realize how this will impact on all those who work there earning a living for their families. After seeing how you judge other people who serve you though, I highly doubt you would care.

Here is the address to our Corporate Office.

Mailing Address & Phone
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
P.O. Box 787
Lebanon, Tennessee 37088-0787
(800) 333-9566
FAX (888) 263-4304
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Phil Swaim 09/07/2012 09:53:22
I do reviews. This was not a review. This was a public complaint. It's customer's experience. There are obvious remarks that are not appropriate, but as a restaurant representative you suck them up, take them, and focus on the real problem. Apparently management had trouble that day with two servers getting along with each other. Some servers seem to have troubles dealing with stress in the back room.

A quality wait staff loses the frown and the attitude that goes with it at the time they leave the back room and enter the front of house. Their mind must be focused on the customer and any vendettas against a previous server at that table must end right there. You are serving the customer whether it is your table or not. Whether you receive tips or not. If the wait staff that interacted with this rather angry customer would have acted courteously and focused on getting it right no matter who was serving, then this post would probably not be on here.

I personally have not had a problem with Cracker Barrel. I find them to be quite friendly and their food delicious and punctual. All restaurants will have the fly in the soup moment and an occasional bad egg or two in the wait staff. That's where comments to a manager are more productive than comments on a forum such as this.

It is also unprofessional for a Cracker Barrel employee to come onto a public forum such as this, even anonymously, and write a comment scolding the customer, again whom you serve, and basically slap them in the face without even addressing the problem they bring up. If anything, you should have reported this to your management so they could take actions to make things right with this customer.

I have been in a customer service work environment all my career thus far. These principles and lessons embedded above will help you make better decisions in serving Cracker Barrel on the wait staff or any place else you choose to go.
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Angie 09/07/2012 14:06:07
Phil, your comment leads one to think that you believed every word of this story. A story by someone who has previously complained about this restaurant, yet went back.
I have met you, and spoken to you, but I overestimated your common sense.
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Phil Swaim 10/07/2012 11:07:18

No, my comment was quite clearly a lesson for the cracker barrel employee who decided to unprofessionally respond to this complaint. I was trying to show her that her rebukes to this complaint were not really solving the problem. In the customer service business, you have to listen to the problems the customer is complaining about.

I never said these problems actually existed. I was merely pointing out the problems the customer clearly pointed out. Sure the customer was inappropriate in some of her comments, but customers need to be listened to.

Now, if it turns out this story is just plain false, then that's for the management or corporate office to handle, but my point still stands that it was extremely unprofessional for a front of house employee to give public comment seemingly representative of Cracker Barrel as a company or a store.

That was my point. It was a lesson to that individual, not a total acceptance of the customer. The customer is king, but is not necessarily always right in all occasions, but if this woman were really serious about wanting to let Cracker Barrel know, she would have spoken to a manager or the corporate HQ rather than posting it on this forum.

Again, these are words of wisdom from my successful experience in customer service. And I have no idea who you are, Angie. So your comment about my common sense is without credit.
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Angie 10/07/2012 12:33:19
I disagree. The comment was posted and presented by someone with an opinion. Someone who is employed at the restaurant. She is not claiming to represent the company, but only herself, as an employee of the company.
If the same comment had come from the company's Customer Relations department, then I would agree with you whole-heartedly. Her comment has not been endorsed by the company, so she is not representing the company, she is only speaking in support of the company. I think there is a distinct, and significant difference. In legal terms, she is not speaking as an agent of Cracker BarreI. She has even provided contact information for the complaintant, which indicates that she is aware that she is not speaking as a company representative, but is allowing the opportunity for that avenue to be taken.
Do you understand where I am coming from, Phil?
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CB employee 15/07/2012 03:22:20
Thank you Angie, that was exactly what I was trying to do. We have a clean restaurant with managers who care and I took offense to the article and felt like I had to respond after seeing 1600 people had seen it.
Reviews like that affect others all across the board.
If a guest is wrong, they are wrong....simple as that...and posting a story like that not once but twice is just trying to hurt a business. And that is why I gave the corporate number. If there is a problem, please call.97aa6ce6
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Par 3 Employee 28/11/2012 17:40:00
If you want a different Cracker Barrel experience come to the Seymour store. I don't know anything about the Edinburgh store but if you have had more than one bad experience there maybe it's time to try a different one? I am a server at the Seymour CB I have been for 3 years. As a server, you should never be treated like that as a customer. Our policy is "Pleasing People" so for you to have a bad experience like that, it is just bad. Come in to our store, talk to one of our managers and tell them you had a bad experience at the last Barrel you went to and they will not only make sure you get the best server on the floor, but they will make sure your experience is the best possible to keep you coming back. We really do take pride on having customers come back and as a server we are suppose to make our guests happy so they will come back and ask for us. We love being requested by name by reoccurring customers. It means we are doing our jobs well. As 3 Star and 4 star server we are suppose to be the best of the best.

Either go into the Edinburgh store and speak with the management about your bad experiences before I'm sure they can help make it right, or just try a different store. You can call the customer service line or you could give it another try.

-par 3 employee who loves pleasing people.
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Ralph 29/11/2012 16:47:47
3 and 4 star servers? This implies that Cracker Barrel is a 3 or 4 star restaurant! LOLOLOL!
Oh, and I don't think I've ever known of anyone "reoccurring".
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softball 08/04/2014 01:33:13
We ate at the this location after a long day of playing softball and wanted a good hot meal with a variety of choices. We arrived at 8:15pm and did not leave till 9:20pm. It took at least 10 minutes to get our drinks from our waitress. She was too busy talking to others (friends) in the restaurant the entire time we were there. Ordered drinks and food at the same time and took 45 minutes to get food. Took 20 minutes to get someone to even realize we didn't have our food. The manager finally explained there was a problem with the order. Said the food would be right out. That took another 15 minutes to get our food. The order was wrong and the manager had a negative attitude. Throughout the entire experience our waitress proceeded to tell her friends about what was going on, cry to us about how she got in trouble and it wasn't her fault, throw her tray into the kitchen. After we got our food no one ever came to see if the food was alright, if we needed more drinks or needed anything else. The silverware had been given back to the manager because it was disgusting. No one ever brought us new silverware, we had to go up and ask the greeter for new silverware. No one ever came to see if we needed more drinks. We had to share our 3 waters and when we ran out we had nothing. We also had to ask for jelly and other things from the greeter because the other waitresses were not very helpful.
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