Child gets on bus too early parents say, causes BCSC to change times.

Hello Columbus Man! Here is something for everyone to think about, I am a parent of a student of Mt. Healthy Elementary and recently received a

Columbus East softball coaches call players names and belittle them aka Bully students

My daughter plays for Columbus east softball and the coaches do call the players names and belittle them in front of there team mates the

Classrooms in Columbus Signature Academy New tech Campus set at 50 degrees to save money

Dear Columbus Man our hero.Here is some of the Classrooms in Columbus Signature Academy New tech Campus that was mostly cold NTC116-NTC112-NTB104A-NTA109 on the days


Suspension lifted for student after premeditated bullying attack planned by 2 others

My nephew has been bullied since the beginning of the school year. My sister-in-law has had to contact school officials(principal, counselor, dean, superintendent) numerous times and the bullying continues. She also contacted the news station and newspaper. The last incident, ... (Read 2599 times) 0 Full story

Mother wants something done about girls bullying her daughter at Columbus North!

It seems to be an ongoing issue, no tolerance to bullying preach the schools but yet when the students and parents confront the school the best course of action is to ignore the problem and write it off as adolescences ... (Read 8664 times) 2 Full story

Revealed the author of hit list at Columbus North, 16 names listed!

The name was confirmed as Jagger Petro...if you look him up on fb, there are some disturbing pictures.  However, the school and law enforcement do not want to make him feel victimized as to not pressure him to carry thru ... (Read 7110 times) 3 Full story

School says throat slasher hit list author is "dark and troubled kid and they are working to get him help"

I am a parent who wishes to remain nameless, as well as my daughters name who was on the hit list at north today. To clarify, I am truly unhappy about the way the whole situation was handled. I ... (Read 3629 times) 0 Full story

Parents not informed throat slasher hit list was found at Columbus North - "parents didn't know a thing"

I can confirm that the parents didn't know a thing. My parents were not informed of anything that was going on until I was let free and asked them to call my mom. Even then, on the phone, the dean ... (Read 3552 times) 0 Full story

I was on the hit list at North today - I am thankful I go to a school who cares so much!

Can you post this?  You can include my name. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that what happen at North today was definitely scary. I was one on the list and I want to say I am very ... (Read 6209 times) 0 Full story

More should be done to assure our children's safety at the school

I feel sorry for the kid that was wrongly accused and was not assisted by his parents.   What I want i want to know, is why this list of students that were threatened weren't taken out of the public of ... (Read 1826 times) 1 Full story

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