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Child gets on bus too early parents say, causes BCSC to change times.


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Hello Columbus Man!

Here is something for everyone to think about, I am a parent of a student of Mt. Healthy Elementary and recently received a note from transportation stating that my childs bus would be coming about 10 minutes later than usual from now on.  

This concerned my as my child was getting to school at about 5 minutes before 8 and now would be getting there between 5 and 10 minutes after 8 (depending on circumstances).  School starts at 8:10 and my child eats breakfast at school so they would be late getting there for breakfast, as well as being rushed before school started.  Not understanding the reasoning for this I began asking other parents about it and found out that there is a parent out there that decided that their child was getting on the bus too early, 7am.

They live on Grandview Lake and had someone from the “board” or whatever it is called contact Dr. Quick and had the start time changed for the whole bus route! I thought that our school corporation was governed by the School Board not the Grandview Lake board.  

This is totally unacceptable that 1 person can dictate because they do not want to get out of bed and have the whole school bus late for school.  When asking around I found out that there are several different students that get on the bus at 7 or before and they don’t seem to have a problem, what makes this person so special that they can get this done?  

This is not the first time that the school corporation has caved to affluent citizens, that is why we have kids that are bussed from within walking distance of Southside out to Mt. Healthy when they can see Southside from their house.  I did not know this until my child was at a birthday party of a friend and I asked why they went to Mt. Healthy and the parent said it was because Harrison Lake did not want their kids going to Mt. Healthy.

  I know that nothing will change with this, but I believe that it is time for a change of guard at BCSC, hopefully when Dr. Quick retires they will find someone who is not from here and has no problem doing what is fair to everyone, and don’t cave to peer pressure.


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