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Classrooms in Columbus Signature Academy New tech Campus set at 50 degrees to save money


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Dear Columbus Man our hero.Here is some of the Classrooms in Columbus Signature Academy New tech Campus that was mostly cold NTC116-NTC112-NTB104A-NTA109 on the days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I want to thank you Columbus/Charles Man, Me and My friends to have had courage to Contact you to tell the locals of how that school really is.

All we wanted was for our school to be warmer and at least above 45 not to create drama like the people that disagreed with us Saying were just some punks that want school off that's not all the truth we would of rather of them gave us the choice to either stay there and let them fix immediately or transferred us to Columbus East or North.

To the people saying suck it up well you should of came and seen for yourself and wait for the heat to kick in good after four hours of school Thursday and it just becoming about 55 degrees.The only warmest places in that school was were the administrators were and the room of NTA128MPR and the biology/Evolution Room.

The reason why the heaters started kicking in was because it was on Facebook media.

The school payed for only one wing of the school to be heated like the principals room but that still left two other wings cold the rest of the day of Thursday.

Also our school is so technical that they don't even got heater maintenance Repairmen at that school anyday they only come once a week to change the temps because the charter school doesn't get enough founding to hire a maintenance person.

No one can change the Thermostat settings except them maintenance repairmen because they only know the password. We believe they can get more money and the principal doesn't even now the passwords (or so he says) to change the thermostat.

On Friday only two classrooms were cold and those were Global and social prospective s and one of the two algebra1@2 classrooms.

They had visitors at school here Jan 9th Friday and thats why only two classrooms were cold.Now all said and done only one of my friends got The cold or flu because of the cold temps in Newtech. 

Thank you and please show this proof of our school temps to Columbuzz Indiana and to Columbus-Charles Man.


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