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Mother wants something done about girls bullying her daughter at Columbus North!


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It seems to be an ongoing issue, no tolerance to bullying preach the schools but yet when the students and parents confront the school the best course of action is to ignore the problem and write it off as adolescences and part of growing up. Its WRONG and something needs done. Mr. Quick is filling his pockets and has incompetent officials running the schools. Their solution to move the bullied into other classes while leaving those doing the bullying left alone.

"I am over kids being bullied at North and they keep moving their classes, and not punishing the bully.  My daughter had some boy in one of her classes grab her boobs at the beginning of the year, and all they did was change her schedule, and a few weeks later, he was back in her class. Now this... 

Today 4/29 "these girls called my daughter a bitch in class today with the teacher there The teacher could hear it. She is a science teacher at North and East named Mrs. Cheatham. It was yelled across 4 rows of desks. I have it in writing by my daughter"

Original post 4/25 on Facebook

I am reporting to the world - Jaden Roberts, an underclassman at North, is bullying my daughter because she is "different". My daughter has some physically health problems with her brain, which makes school hard for her. She went to a dean today (Mrs. Norman), and was told that nothing could be done.   My daughter had a friend with her that witnessed the bullying.  This has been a continuing problem.  

I have already talked to a teacher about this bullying twice since January, and now they are moving it out into the halls, and nothing is being done.  I am fed up.  Wish I could afford to home-school her.  

Want to get this out there that Mr. Karrer seems to the only one who gives a crap at North, and my daughter would have gone to him, but he was in a conference all day.  My daughter is not a tattle-tale, so for her to go to the dean, it has to be bad, and she has to be scared.

I have emailed Jaden's father, Dennis, and told him exactly what his daughter said and informed him (after I gave him my number Friday), that I would not be calling him because I was too aggravated. 

"Mother of Victim

Okay, I am too aggravated to talk to you about your daughter has said to mine, that is why I never responded. I am speaking with the person in charge of bullying prevention for BCSC, and I can assure you I will make sure something is done. I do not appreciate violence being threatened on my daughter. If her or any of her friends feel like they want to put their hands on my daughter, remember, it is attempted murder because my daughter has a shunt, and I will pursue.

The threats have been made by some of your daughter's friends. And just because your daughter may be perfect for you, kids are completely different when they are around their friends. I am informing you of what I am doing, and I am pursuing this. My daughter has now been threatened with violence, and has been told (by your daughter) that she looks like she walks with a dick shoved up her ass (yes, those words exactly), she also called her a dumb ass retard, a lesbian (my daughter has a boyfriend, and I do not appreciate sexuality comment because my mother-in-law is married to a woman), she has also called my daughter a skank.

This has been going on since January, and I am fed up. I have already spoken with teachers and deans myself, and the sad thing is your daughter has admitted to it to the deans and they do nothing because she tells them she will not do it again, yet she does. Well, I am here to make sure it doesn't happen again. I know my rights, and my daughter's rights. I am sorry if this upsets you, but I am protecting my daughter. Your daughter has been bullying her for too long. Thank you and have a nice day. Father of Bully"

We're told a thumbs up was the response by dad. 

Bringing you up to today... 

Email sent to the school 4/29

"On Apr 29, 2014, at 6:50 PM, " wrote:

Mr. Karrer- My Daughter was bullied again today by Jaden Roberts and Giselle Valencia.  Since this has been going on since January, I would like for disciplinary action to be taken. This has gone on too long and these girls are not stopping.  Jaden and Giselle are bullies. All my Daughter and her classmate were doing was working on classwork and trying to ignore them.  I am upset that they are not stopping.  I am upset that my daughter is coming home crying every day because of the things these girls are saying to them.  They say they will stop, and they are not, and today proved it.  Please make sure disciplinary action is taken and let me know what goes on.  I really want my daughter to feel safe going to school and right now, she does not feel safe.  Thank you. Angry mother of bullied daughter"

Response from School...

"From: Aaron Karrer

Sent: ‎Tuesday‎, ‎April‎ ‎29‎, ‎2014 ‎7‎:‎08‎ ‎PM

To: mother of bullied teen

We are going to look into changing classes. At this point I think that is the best course of action. 

I'll give you a call tomorrow. Your daughter and I talked briefly this afternoon. We'll work on it tomorrow morning first thing.

Sent from my iPhone"

Response from Mother; 

"Mr. Karrer

I would feel more comfortable knowing these girls are being held accountable for their actions.  I feel my daughter is being punished by switching her classes."


Check out the 140 comments left on FB about this bully...

Kaila Supernovich Jaden Roberts

April 25 at 5:45pm · Like · 10


Gretchen Brown-Anderson It needs to stop how would she feel if it was her. Kids are cruel and parents ket go on

April 25 at 5:45pm · Like · 1


Lisa Gail Jeffries Amen!!! North is doing a sucky job.. glad to know there's people stepping it up

April 25 at 5:47pm · Like · 9


Charles Man She won't stop unless she has disapproval from her peers.

April 25 at 5:48pm · Like · 18


Eric Stevenson · Friends with Ernie Neal II

When I was in 7th grade I sat in what a bully claimed was "his seat." When I refused to move he punched me in the head. Instead of throwing punches I told a teacher what had happened. He didn't do anything. 


If you're not allowed to fight back (or unable) and the people who are supposed to protect you are not willing to do so, what are you supposed to do? What kind of a precedent is this setting?

April 25 at 5:49pm · Like · 17


Roger Barr ·

They are just there for a paycheck.... they don't want to earn it..... what happened to zero tolerance for bullies.

April 25 at 5:52pm · Like · 11


Michelle Woodall · 124 mutual friends

Just creeped her page. Church on Sundays, but bullying through the week? Hmmm, something doesn't add up there. Wish I was still in highschool...I'd handle that. We didn't put up with bullies at our school!!

April 25 at 5:53pm · Like · 21


Kristina Peters kids would grow up to be better people if the higher ups in the school systems did what they were supposed to and if they cared enough to make sure our kids were learning this stuff is not ok and u ccant just get away with it

April 25 at 5:54pm · Like · 1


Tawnya Coomer Why not turn the tables on her/. I mean I know that technically isn't the way too go but turn the tables so she knows how it feels. Surely she isn't all that, where something about her couldn't be put on bully notice if that makes sense. I agree, it most likely will not stop until she is put on notice. Literally!

April 25 at 5:54pm · Like · 7


Cathy Zinn Kate Zinn, Elizabeth Zinn

April 25 at 5:54pm · Like


Ashley Grayson · Friends with Julie Long and 63 others

This girl needs to have her ass beat. Im.sorry but my son has special needs and I swear if someone does shit to him they better hope and pray i don't get a hold of them

April 25 at 5:56pm · Like · 17


Sheri Henderson Praying for the disable child for protection. Sick to think the school won't do anything about it. Glad my kids are out of school, I would be going to jail

April 25 at 5:56pm · Like · 1


Brandon Reeves So you are asking to bully a bully?

April 25 at 5:57pm · Like · 2


Zac Hartford Ahahaha north is a strait joke. My dean Mr sheraden encouraging me to drop out. They don't know how to run a school properly. The other dean at the time had a swastika on his arm.

April 25 at 5:57pm · Like · 4


Tawnya Coomer The bully needs bullied! I know it isn't right but it is fitting! You don't bully anyone let alone disabled people. I know I sound like a hypocrite but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire!

April 25 at 5:58pm · Like · 8


Tawnya Coomer Bullies need to be put in the spotlight. If it is attention they want then give it to them. Just don't give them the kind they expect!

April 25 at 5:59pm · Like · 8


Michelle Woodall · 124 mutual friends

Students have to stand together, and stand up for each other...show these people that it's unacceptable and not let it happen. The students wayyyy outnumber the teachers, do things like form a line accross the hallway and not let her through. Get a dry erase marker and tag her locker so everyone knows how she treats people.

April 25 at 6:00pm · Unlike · 4


Angie Robinson Can't find her on Facebook going to find her parents!!!

April 25 at 6:02pm · Like · 1


Tabitha Hardy Call the state board of education, the governors office. You have to go above this superintendent to get anything done!

April 25 at 6:02pm · Unlike · 5


Michelle Woodall · 124 mutual friends

She is tagged in the first comment Angie Robinson

April 25 at 6:02pm · Like · 1


Gretchen Brown-Anderson Angie Robinson her name us in the first comment above

April 25 at 6:03pm · Like


Angie Robinson Thanks shit like this just pisses me off!! Hope I didn't just get kicked off cm lol if my language is not allowed I understand just this subject really gets to me and I WILL follow up

April 25 at 6:06pm · Like · 4


Tawnya Coomer Ironically she is part of a group that is titled "Stop The Bullying" Seriously? Get the hell out of here. Either the poster is lying or this little girl is the real hypocrite!

April 25 at 6:06pm · Like · 7


J.R. Lunsford Parents cal rally at school board meetings. Get someone on the agenda so it's documented in the minutes. Go every meeting abd get on the agenda every meeting. School board seats are elect positions if I'm not mistaken! Let's remind then of that!

April 25 at 6:06pm · Like · 1


Tawnya Coomer In case you all missed it, she is part of an open group called Stop The Bullying! 

April 25 at 6:08pm · Like · 4


Deb Scott Go cm!!!!!

April 25 at 6:12pm · Unlike · 2


Lillie Dalton · Friends with Erica Harmon and 14 others

Wow she could do so much. What happened to the zero tolerance for bullying? And those who are more challenged are the ones that need the adults to do something! What a coward to both!

April 25 at 6:17pm · Like · 1


Shari Black The girl who is bullying the special needs kids needs her head thumped a few times and the "adults" whom aren't doing anything about it needs fired with a quickness. Picking on special needs kids is total bullshit!

April 25 at 6:25pm · Like · 9


Marie Garrison This makes me sick!

April 25 at 6:28pm · Like · 1


Terri Denise Lee-Smith But come on guys....theres a zero tolerance rule! Psh Yeah my ass! I had a brother in law at JCHS who was bullied so badly and the school did nothin! He ended up finishing his schooling at the library with a teacher who had to be paid by the cooperation because they cldnt provide a safe learning environment which is their job! Now he has anxiety going near that school. Please tell me what message that sent to the bullies?! Oh I have story after story I cld tell about similar cases! Your right CM! Officials need to do their jobs or get the hell out!

April 25 at 6:32pm · Like · 2


Angie Robinson I'm working on this I'll keep everyone posted. I will not let this go!!

April 25 at 6:36pm · Like · 10


Tawnya Coomer I just messaged one of her friends but I don't think she is online right now.

April 25 at 6:40pm · Like


Julie Long Was it your child that was bullied Angie Robinson?

April 25 at 6:40pm · Like


Hope Marie Alexander I like how none of you actually know Jaden (by the way, there's no y in her name  ) but you're assuming things because of what you've heard/read on Columbus Man. Jaden's a sweetheart, and I'm not going to automatically believe that she'd bully someone with special needs. Maybe you should all hop off of your high horse and find more than one source. Love you Jaden. 

April 25 at 6:42pm · Like · 4


Angie Robinson No however a disabled child needs someone to stick up for her. I'm against bulling and I work with disabled people! If the community steps in it can make this girl know people care

April 25 at 6:43pm · Like · 4


Hope Marie Alexander I agree that bullying is an issue and is absolutely NOT okay, but I'm not okay with people being called out, whether it's true or false.

April 25 at 6:44pm · Like


Angie Robinson Hope I am not jumping to conclusion I will find the truth as I know kids that know her, I will not harrass another child as that is also wrong

April 25 at 6:44pm · Like · 8


Hope Marie Alexander I'm glad someone can see that. I don't appreciate kids bullying, but I also don't appreciate adults jumping all over a child that they know nothing about.

April 25 at 6:45pm · Like · 5


Tawnya Coomer I am having a hard time believing this is true since she has on her page that she belongs to an anti-bullying group. It doesn't make sense.

April 25 at 6:45pm · Like · 2


Cindy Dewar So since she picks on people with special needs, can we pick on her for being BLACK. Oh yes I did say that shit. Let's see how she feels about something she can't control. And NO I'm not a racist. I have black friends. But we need to do something about this stuff. We need to get this stuff under control. Who's with me?

April 25 at 6:47pm · Like · 1


Hope Marie Alexander Again, you're assuming that this post is 100% factual. Lol.

April 25 at 6:47pm · Like · 1


Angie Robinson I will find out and if not true I will let the truth come out. The solutions here is first have my contact at that school observe to find out, then seek action on the school not bully another child and make her feel worse is not the answer

April 25 at 6:48pm · Like · 1


Tawnya Coomer Why does everyone always say "I am not racist, I have black friends'? I never understood that. Just curious. lol

April 25 at 6:48pm · Like · 11


Julie Long I just want to say that this is hearsay and a submission to Charles Man. I wonder if they sent proof of this happening. Also, it could be someone making lies about her, because they don't like her. It sounds like another teen wrote this. If this is true, get a lawyer and ask for advice. Handling it this way is just going to cause more pain. If she really is bullying, her parents need to know to get her help.

April 25 at 6:49pm · Like · 3


Crystal Smith Why dont she meet any parent of a north student and she how fast she feels bullied.

April 25 at 6:55pm · Like · 1


Kevin Cox · Friends with Robin Swezea and 28 others

if not racist they would not have to say that

April 25 at 7:02pm · Like · 3


Dustie Sharp You go girl ~ get them bullies...I hate a BULLY

April 25 at 7:04pm · Like


Kristie Lamb Seymour high isnt any better they tell victims of bullying u must have provoked the person who is bullying u theres only one dean who stood on our side and it took threatening the principal with bringing lawyers to school before i saw anything get better

April 25 at 7:09pm · Like


Melissa Moore Did you know that bullies and their parents end up calling the shots all the time by lying, manipulating and more just to keep the focus off of their bullying and put negative focus on the victim instead? Just mentioning that because I know it to be true in some cases and it ticks me off that bullies end up getting the free pass regardless of the no bullying policies in place.

April 25 at 7:09pm · Like · 1


Angee England Gentry Hey, are you not bullying Jaden Roberts in a much more severe way? Two wrongs do NOT make a right. Not excusing this, but it is a fact you are all being bullies right now

April 25 at 7:11pm · Like · 4


Kristie Lamb I also threatened to bring it to the attention of news crews throughout indiana and radio stations i also threatened the superintendent of schools doen here with same action

April 25 at 7:12pm · Like


Kristie Lamb Yep bullies and their parents get by with everything all the time it sucks for the kids who get bullyed

April 25 at 7:13pm · Like · 1


Charles Man I know the mother personally. I know she isn't lying.

April 25 at 7:17pm · Like · 4


Charles Man No Angee, I'm not bullying her. I want her to stop. The more people that know the sooner she will stop. She should be glad she didn't bully my kid.

April 25 at 7:20pm · Like · 8


Charles Man Tawnya, people at church sin too.

April 25 at 7:23pm · Like · 4


Brandon Reeves So bullting her is teaching a lesson like rubbing a dog's nose in shit?

April 25 at 7:24pm · Like · 3


Charles Man Hope, too bad. We call out here.

April 25 at 7:25pm · Like


Caye Hayes true or not, right after i read this, this came up on my news feed, so for all the bullies out there, this is for you....http://www.rightthisminute.com/.../does-anti-bullying...


Does This Anti-Bullying Music Video Send the Wrong Message?


The anti-bullying movement has been making waves the last couple of years. With ...See More

April 25 at 7:26pm · Like · Remove Preview


Rachel Banuelos · 24 mutual friends

CM is simply defending girls who maybe can not help themselves. At some point this girl needs to learn a lesson, maybe this is the time.

April 25 at 7:27pm · Like · 1


Kristie Lamb Lol well it is my experience give the bully what they want to do back to them its what they want to be perfectly honest ask a bully why they bully people i think u will find its cuz their parents encourage negative behavior at home i have talked to a bully n seen her parents in action its a learned behavior

April 25 at 7:27pm · Like


Kristie Lamb But that doesnt make it right and to bully special needs kids they need to be disciplined maybe have to do community service at a place for disabled people

April 25 at 7:29pm · Like


Angee England Gentry I disagree..now you are threatening her...I agree totally it is wrong, but I think you are being wrong also

April 25 at 7:29pm · Like · 2


Sue Arbuckle · 2 mutual friends

Sure glad I don't have a child in school, I woulld be locked up. These school boards must be taking advise from the Obama administration.

April 25 at 7:30pm · Like · 3


Kristie Lamb Nobody is threatening anyone just stateing opinions and that is not being done in a threatening manner did we address her personally no we didnt i said i have talked to a bully i dont know any of u i dont live in columbus

April 25 at 7:32pm · Like


Kyra Nichole Singer · 8 mutual friends

About time... wish people would have been like this and stood for the Bullied kids in school when I was younger

April 25 at 7:32pm · Like · 1


Kristie Lamb Its not a threat until u talk to the actual person doing the threatening n threaten them personally

April 25 at 7:33pm · Like


Tawnya Coomer Cm I never said anything about her going to church. I was talking about how she belongs to an anti bullying group. Makes no sense that she is against it yet does it.  (If, again, this is even true)

April 25 at 7:33pm · Like


Brandon Reeves I have a fully disabled sister mentally and physically I know about defending the innocent we went to high school togetger. But a group of grown ass adults on here threating this and that and calling out a kid is a joke. Justifie how you want but you guys look like fools. Grow up act your age.

April 25 at 7:33pm · Like · 4


Kristie Lamb Brandon reeves people are allowed to state their thoughts n feelings freedom of speech if u dont like it get off columbus mans page the parents of that bully is lucky it wasnt my kid she was bullying my daughter is special needs as well and believe me i would take someone to court to defend my kid and i would go down every legal avenue to ensure it doesnt happen again believe that

April 25 at 7:36pm · Like · 1


Tawnya Coomer Right Kyra? I think about all the ones that bullied me in school and I am content in the knowledge that they aren't faring well. There is this thing called Karma. I believe in it. Time will heal! But in the meantime something needs to be done about bullying in general! But when you have so many people saying the ones that are being bullied need to just suck it up, or school officials just turn their heads because they don't want to be bothered then there is something wrong with the system and the players need to be replaced. Parent's HAVE to be more VOCAL! Not just here but where it matters.

April 25 at 7:36pm · Like · 1


Kristie Lamb Nobody here is threatening anyone just stateing how they would handle it

April 25 at 7:37pm · Like


Kristie Lamb If anyone would like to start a petition against bullying i would support it its gonna take more action to get it stopped did u see the changes they made in the anti bullying law it states schools will handle said bullying in any way they see fit google it then lets protest it

April 25 at 7:40pm · Like · 1


Brandon Reeves You can't bully me Kristie take your legal actions do what you want you guys publicly give a child names of the submission of who with no proof on this matter besides heat say. If I was the child's mother I would take all legal action I could for slander. Believe that! The R in my last name is capital by the way;)

April 25 at 7:41pm · Like · 1


Tawnya Coomer So the way the school sees fit to handle bullying is to do nothing? Yea, something needs to be done alright. As far as whether this is true or not, I would hope that if it isn't true, whomever submitted this has the decency to apologize! That would be a great example to set forth.

April 25 at 7:42pm · Like


Brandon Reeves How can be handling it wrong if there isn't anything proven?

April 25 at 7:44pm · Like


Brandon Reeves Crystal ReevesCrysta Garrett Reevesgarret Chrissy Fitzpatrick

April 25 at 7:45pm · Like


Brandon Reeves Kelly Herron

April 25 at 7:45pm · Like


Tawnya Coomer And to the submitter, why even wait to see if they do anything. It is time to be proactive. If you just sit around and wait for things to happen, they won't happen. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. TAKE ACTION! I am done with this thread., Hugs to the one that was bullied! In truth nobody really deserves it even if it seems they do.

April 25 at 7:45pm · Like · 1


Trinity Burkett · 77 mutual friends

Jaden Roberts

April 25 at 7:46pm · Like · 5


Trinity Burkett · 77 mutual friends

Katie Blevins

April 25 at 7:46pm · Like · 3


Chadwick Von Lukenstien III Oh poor lil Jayden 

She is just lashing out because her own opinion of herself if a lie. Most time these bullies have never been on the opposite side of the shit stick

April 25 at 7:47pm · Like


Katie Blevins · 125 mutual friends

Smh childish ass shit. Jaden Roberts keep your head upp bb!

April 25 at 7:49pm · Like · 4


Kristie Lamb I didnt give any names im not from columbus duh did u not read what i said and u act as though im threatening or bullying u hahah just the oposite i dont know u or care to know u however i am stateing my opinion i can do that i bound by my first amendment rights ha slander that

April 25 at 7:49pm · Like · 1


Kristie Lamb Bullying is wrong n people who bully special needs kids should be punished to the fullet extent if anyone would like to start an anti bullying petition to help put a stop to it im all for it if anyone has a clue how to do it online i would love to do it and email it the governor of indiana and higher if need be

April 25 at 7:52pm · Like · 1


Kristie Lamb I hate how seymour handles bullying the person being bullyed who is a victim if it happens at school the victim gets suspended cuz the assistant principal would say the victim probably deserved it n provoked the person to bullythem i know my daughter got bullyed n hit from behind guess what she got suspended why ? Again she was told she probably deserved it dont think for one minute i didnt do something i did do something and id do it again but everyone should take a stand against bullying

April 25 at 7:56pm · Like · 1


Trinity Burkett · 77 mutual friends

Daisy Maldonado Diana Garcia

April 25 at 8:01pm · Like · 2


Katie Blevins · 125 mutual friends

You're being ugly about it trinity 

April 25 at 8:02pm · Like · 1


Diana Garcia · 65 mutual friends

Wtf lol! This is bullshit

April 25 at 8:04pm · Like · 3


John Kwasniewski One of the reasons the school probably won't do anything is because the bully is black all she has to do is play the the race card if she gets in trouble and the school will get in trouble

April 25 at 8:05pm · Like · 3


Kristie Lamb Thats why it needs to be handled legally

April 25 at 8:10pm · Like


Daisy Maldonado · 54 mutual friends

Bullshit! Jaden Roberts nobody even knows what even going on. Keep your head


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Rachel Hodnett 30/04/2014 13:44:19
I don't know if it is a solution or not, but there is an anti-bullying group at North called Spectrum. A great group of kids that won't stand for bullying. They meet after school on Friday afternoons. It is a wonderful support for those students experiencing problems with bullying. I hope your daughter's situation improves soon.
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
01/05/2014 09:02:02
THERE IS A WAY TO HOME SCHOOL YOUR CHILD~~FREE~~~IT'S CALLED K-12 & IT IS A WONDERFUL PROGRAM,,, They will provide your daughter with a FREE computer to use and provide ALL her BOOKS FREE....My gr-daughter has been doing it for 2 years..PLZ CALL --- 1-866.968.7512 Any more Questions, feel free to ask...
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
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