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Revealed the author of hit list at Columbus North, 16 names listed!


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image photo taken from Jagger Petro's Facebook page

The name was confirmed as Jagger Petro...if you look him up on fb, there are some disturbing pictures.  However, the school and law enforcement do not want to make him feel victimized as to not pressure him to carry thru with the list.

 He said "he wasnt going to do anything that he wrote".....well, who is the judge to take his word for that??  I do not want it posted that I provided the name, but it is confirmed.       You may post as much as this as you wish:     To those parents who are concerned as to whether or not this kid was bullied or not taken seriously??  

Let's just remember that whatever the circumstances, gives no one the right to threaten another person(s) life.  16 people were on that list.   As for the people wanting to see the list...I can guarantee you do not want to see it!!!!  The point of this post, was not to bash the kid or to bring more attention to him.  

The point of the post to to inform other parents to communicate with your children and make them aware of their surroundings.  My daughter did not feel threatened by this child, she actually said that he always tried to make people laugh.  However, because of her feeling this way, she was not aware of the true danger this is.  Again, the point of this is to know that my child, along with the other 15 on the list were not contained into a safety area until the guilty person was found.  Instaed, they had called one student down to have a hand written comparison.  

ONE STUDENT!!!! It was hours later before the person was actually detained.  Back to the "list"some of you want to see it, some of you don;t understand what it is.  I will not share it, even with the names marked out.  It is a list of names and beside each name, is written how "he" would like to "end their lives".  As a parent of a child on that list, you have no idea what went thru my head knowing that my daughter was not under any kind of protection and I had a 15 minute drive to even get to the school before I could see her face to know she was ok!!!!  The longest 15 minutes of my life!!  

While sitting in the dean's office at around 11:45, the dean informed me that they recieved the note around 10....we are talking almost 2 hours of the day that ANYTHING could have happened.    And as of this morning at 8am, all i know is the child is expelled.  

Do I know if he is under supervised watch, getting help, arrested, etc...NO.   I cannot seem to get much reassurance of the situation at hand.   I do know there is extra security at the school and kids and parents alike will be on the look out.   I try to teach my daughter not to live in fear, but reality is....you do have to be aware of your surroundings.  I am more than blessed and thankful that no one got hurt in the situation!!!!!! and I hope the child recieves help!!  

At the end of the day, you have to think of the positives in life....right now, my positive is my daughter is still here!!!


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Nana P 22/04/2014 21:46:43
The facts above are as they happened. I'm sure the many people that could have been affected by this "incident" are mollified by the words of the administration - but I'm not sure they are qualified to downplay this when so many "incidents" we see on the news way too often these days feature interviews of those who did not see this coming.
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
22/04/2014 23:55:15
I'm very glad that as a parent with a child on the list,who right now could only want karma or revenge for this,but you are staying positive in that your daughter was not hurt!!! It's nice to know that their are still parents out there teaching their kids to be realistic about our community!! And that instead of bashing this boy you want and hope he receives help!!! Kudos to you!
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Dan 24/04/2014 14:45:36
This stuff is starting to bother me more and more. I had a high school student tell me a couple weeks ago, he would like to build a C4 bomb and place in the trash and let it explode 24 hrs later. Called sheriff and guess it was nothing serious to them. I pray each and every day that when my kids leave that they come home safe. Good to hear noone was hurt in this case. I hope this young man gets the help he needs.
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
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