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Ask a Cop - My neighbor is a sex offender and is watching my kids, what can I do?


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Q: I have a child molester lives two houses down from me. A few weeks back when it was warm out I had all my kids nieces and nephews over to play in our backyard. At the time I noticed him just standing in his yard and staring at the kids.

So I walked to his door knocked and politely told him iM aware of his previous charges and that he is a registered offender he then told me it was not my concern. Well then I told him I saw him staring at my families kids and my own children for hours. And told him to stop or I would call the police. The next day he brought a chair out and was watching my kids again I called the police and they came said nothing can be done because he was on his own property and hadn't made any signs of a threat.

Sooo I took matters in my own hands and watched him and when he left I followed him down the road I cut him off and I reached thru his window and punched him in the face and told him if I ever saw him ever look towards my property I would personally castrate him and shoot him in his head. Am I in the wrong?

A: In regards to the "sex offender" issue: A short answer is this. The Police is unable to arrest or keep a person inside of their house as long as nothing is being done of color such as touching himself, making comments, etc. However, the parole officer (if applicable) could possibly impose some rules since children are around and present.

Regarding you following, cutting off and stopping this person and then commencing to commit battery is wrong. This is a difficult situation but if the sex offender decided to pursue charges against you, unfortunately, you could be arrested and charged with battery.

I would also make sure that the Sex Offender" registry staff at the Sheriff's Department is aware of this person's actions. If this person was intentionally "staring" at your children, that is wrong. However, if he was just out in his yard, I would tend to not bother him. This is about the best answer to give you for this issue. Good luck!


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