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9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch Blackballed by Mayor Lienhoop


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This past Thursday night at a meeting hosted by Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center, Mayor Jim Lienhoop held a question and answer meeting with the residents of 9th Street Area. To say how disappointed I am in this current administration is the understatement of 2016. After being questioned by the local residents, 9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Christopher Rutan grilled the Mayor over the rumor of a secret meeting with all department heads ordering them not to work with our Neighborhood Watch Group.
Mayor Lienhoop persistently asked who Rutan's source was but he refused to give the identity. A few days after the meeting with this administration at the Bartholomew County Library, a meeting was called with all the department heads and they were ordered not to come to meetings. Rutan already had speakers lined up thru May and everyone was forced to cancel. Unfortunately, Mayor Lienhoop admitted that this was indeed the case and the only way to work with the city is to join Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center. Our committee has decided this is NOT going to happen!
In the fall of 2015, then Mayor Kristen Brown sent Carl Malysz to the joint neighborhood meeting expressing her desire to work with everyone no matter their involvement. Shortly after that meeting we learned that everyone under Mayor Brown would be let go and not be retained in the new administration.
Mayor Jim Lienhoop has given the instruction to CPD and all departments since we are not a city sanctioned neighborhood watch group anymore, they get to pick and choose who they want to work with. This is not right because all city leaders should work with everyone!
On September 22, 2015, Rutan personally met with Mayor Jim Lienhoop before he took office and told him what our neighborhood wanted and needed. Lienhoop acted like he didn't have a problem with 9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch so most of this caught Rutan by surprise.
I am usually not one to call people out for their errors but I now have the same opinion as most. The Mayor, Chief John Rohde, and Public Information Officer Matt Harris is nothing but a joke but our neighborhood watch group will still do what we do best and not let them get us down. We have been able to form other partnerships and they are willing to step up to the plate to help us. The only way this can change is pressure to be applied from the public.
Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center has shut us out and will not even speak to us about the above matters. They have their own issues with who they employ. It is going to be a long 3.5 years but we are willing to stick to our standards and stand our ground. We will continue to help each other. The 9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch is not going away. We were here before they came and we will be here after they're gone!


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Kenneth Fudge 24/04/2016 22:11:59
I was outraged at what I read in this article. Jim Lienhoop regardless of who you think you are, I know damn well what you are. You are simply the mayor of Columbus, a servant of the people. You are not the FBI or the CIA and a public meeting is not a deposition. You are to answer the citizen's question not depose him to secure your own administration's leaks of truth to the public.
You are no more important or better than the city employee who cuts the grass, or the police officer on the street, or the clerk who enters data in city hall. You work for these people as well as the citizen you disrespected and the watch group you have disrespected.
The tactics employed by this watch group, patrolling their neighborhood with no weapons, merely a cellphone to alert police to a crime is being heralded all over this country by the media. It is a program that works and is reclaiming neighborhoods that were once lost to crime and drugs. These brave citizens should be honored not vilified. They want to work with the police not be vigilantes and you have closed that door to them in the name of politics.
Collaboration and education are the tools of this partnership. Two things you like to tout and parade about as campaign promises you made. Well its about time you started doing what you promised. Start working for all the people in this city and not just your political elite.
If there are two groups involved in a crime watch so be it as they are volunteering their time for their community, not you and your agenda. Embrace them both and partner with them and help them both equally as you should. Do your job Mr. Lienhoop.....
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
Wayne 04/06/2016 12:03:19
Tony Stewart is intimidating, threatening and silencing people through his hired thugs. Columbuzz is the latest victim of this since they have recently been threatened by his goons at Ice Miller.
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
Admin 04/06/2016 14:36:05
Yeah right buddy! Tell Tony to stick it!
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
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