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Controversy surrounding the validity of the Hidden Check location- Was it even hidden at all? Some would say no!


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Was the check even hidden? It wasn't there and I looked over the entire bridge... How did it appear?

The Hidden Check from Qmix always encourages people to get out and walk, even exercise and doing things with friends or family. It's a great contest during the early months of May or June.

This year we were fortunate of having 2 checks hidden. The first was found on accident, it truly was hidden.

The second came a few weeks later allowing those who felt cheated to try again. The clues made it all the way up to #32 until it was found by David Siewert of Columbus on June 25th.

David said he discovered the check while on lunch, he didn't do it all alone, as you can hear by the radio interview he did give credit to the other guy who passed David but they both had the same mission.

David "found" the check on the 2nd Street Bridge near the north end on the railing (which is facing the water). See below... BUT.... What is weird about this sitaution is we've spoken with 3 separate people who have searched the 2nd Street bridge with no luck... but David walks on and finds it. Congrats David! 

In the radio interview David says he found the check near light 11, but he also said he found it on the railing. Which is it?

We transcribed the interview so you can see how both Brittany and David interact together and what David said in to Brittany explaining where he found the check 

Here is a transcript of the radio interview of David Seiwert explaining where he found the check 

We started the recording as David was saying "Right in the middle"

David - "Sorry about the other guy that I saw on the cable stay bridge" 

Brittany - laughing... 

Brittany - "Alright so there you were, aaaannnd, what about the clues today led you to that"

David - "Alright, well the clue this morning, pretty much told me it was gonna be along a roadway. An then the clue that came out at 11 o'clock, UH, I had to figure out it's going to be in the middle of something, an, where the heck would 2 lights be I could figure out the middle of something and UH at lunch I determined that really the only prominent lights in Columbus would be UH the lights on the cable stay bridge." 

Brittany - "Alright, and they definitely are the lights that we know well, at, did any of the other clues start to narrow it down for you at all?"

David - "UM, the one (hesitation) clue that I thought was prevalent was the number - the clue that said add this up and it was 11 an then the next clue referred to 11. So I knew 11 was prominent (brittany says UH HUH) didn't know if that was 11th street, errr, highway 11. Uh, but it turned out it was also in relation to the 11th light on the bridge which I didn't figure out but I was going more for the middle. "

Brittany - "Right - Well you found it - do you have any big plans for the money?"

You can listen to the rest of it... >>>> look to the right

We posted the audio on FB, and the other guy David mentioned during his interview... 

Rocky is who confirmed he was on the bridge at the time David found the check. Rocky said "OK guy I'm glad I gave you want you needed I was the other guy on the bridge" 

Rocky went on to say "I was just there first was in a hurry to get back to work and when he walked up I told him why I thought it was there which gave him the opportunity to look more thoroughly. kind of wish I had more time cuz I was at the light first and he was still down bye 11 but when he seen me run up it drawed him to the area but it just wasn't in the cards for me. really just glad it was found I will get it next time !!!!!!!!!" - See this and more responses on FB

We spoke to the 3 people who make the claim they also searched the bridge. 

Person 1 - Said he downloaded the photo (shown below) from the Qmix FB page on June 21st then spent the next 3 days looking for the check on/under the bridge. 

He said "when I was reading the clues, the clue mentioning the menu made me think of the Qmix fB page started scrolling through the photos and saw the check parachuting next to the 2nd street bridge, or as David called it "cable stay bridge"

The photo property's proving the image was downloaded on June 21st - The "title" if you look at the photo on FB when you download it to your computer is the exact same. 

The image shown below was posted on Qmix's FB page May 11th promoting the check the first go around. 

He said the check wasn't there and gave up 3 days later. 

Person 2 - Just happens to be staff on Columbuzz (Columbus Man page) who also searched the bridge top side and bottom to have no luck. 

Person 3 - said they figured it out but wasn't able to locate the check, they looked around all the lights, railing, and even crawled on their belly to no avail... 

Now a 4th said - "I have questioned myself because I know we searched that bridge from top to bottom (within reach) rails on all side and under! Climbed behind all the cables, looked in all the lights and all around everything. We searched that bridge for almost 2 hours and that was on clue 5 or 6 and we didn't see nothing! A pedestrian seen me laying on the ground and offered to call for help!! Clearly we was blind to sight and our feeling for touch was missing!! Congrats to the winner and all things are possible just wasn't the lucky ones I guess! Amanda Coleman ...I think Qmix needs to hide another one!!"

Another person said - "I do want to state: I am not bashing Qmix! It's great they sponsor along with all other sponsors a nice chunk of cash out somewhere in Columbus for anyone to claim!!! It's great family fun and lots of exercise and we partake every time!

Im just really ****** at myself if it was there since June 4th and managed to look over it somehow..especially since where it was exactly claimed to be found we checked over at least twice.. I also know several other people checked that bridge throughly too!!"

We could go into more detail but you get the point, the check wasn't there and I know after speaking with all three people these are people who thought and studied the clues to determine the location. Not being thorough doesn't add up. 

So my question is, was the check even there. What was it stored in? You can see by the photo of David on the Qmix Website/Facebook page and even David's FB page he is holding 2 items. 

1. A check (appears to be a paper check or coupon revealing he won. It is flat, not curved like it was stored in the "second" item he is holding. 

2. A tube of some kind, the tube appears it would be water-proof with the attached cap. 

The question I asked a Qmix staffer was how was it affixed to the bridge? They told me magnets... 3 magnets to be precise but where would the magnets be placed inside the container? I don't see how the magnets would actually work.

Not only that, the container shown in the photo is believed to be the container the check/coupon was in saying you was a winner. I don't see how so many could over look that, the railing on the bridge is flat and round...

My point is, the tube wouldn't be hard to figure out - someone either didn't hide the check to keep the clues going for their sponsors or planted the "check" with someone then to go to the bridge and make it appear it was found...

Hopefully that didn't happen but you can clearly see it's plausible.  

I'm sure I will be blamed for the hidden check not happening if it doesn't but accountability is important and one comment from one of the people we spoke to said, "if this turns out to be staged I would be upset since I invested so much time and could really use that money." 


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Dise Deock 12/10/2016 22:44:13
I have the same issue with qmix since the beginning of the check search. They know they are frauds and probably only let someone close to their staff win it after they get the ratings that they are after this has to be stopped. We need to ensure the validity of the location of the check before everyone waste their time and patience with qmix
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