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John Clark leaves The Republic to join White River Broadcasting news team (1010 WCSI) - Hmm...


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image photo taken from John Clarks FB page - "John Clark - former journalist in Columbus, Ind."

Former Republic news editor John Clark is our new News Director. - says Scott Michael's

Guess Mr. John Clark has decided to leave the Republic (also noted on his FB page - John Clark - former journalist in Columbus, Ind.) after years and years of service. We've had our moments with Mr. Clark since Columbuzz came on scene almost 10 years ago, his arrogant tactics and judgmental ways has always kept him in the distance.

I believe Mr. Clark is one of the smoke screen blowers The Republic had, and now with switch to WCSI replacing Barry Wright, one has to wonder, will he continue with his thinking or change? If you visit his Toot my own horn page the description would say "John Clark used to be a journalist covering Columbus, Ind. and Bartholomew County. Now, he is... reevaluating." 

Maybe John will bring something to the table, I can't wait to hear him on the radio giving the news... Good Luck John, you know that position doesn't keep people long.

Timeline of News reporters - Mark Webber, left to go to The Republic Feb 2012, and Barry Wright started May 2012, now Barry leaves Feb 2014 for family reasons, John Clark from The Republic goes to 1010 Feb 2014. Who is next? 

another quote by John... 

John said in 2007 "(Albert doesn't work here anymore. He was fired about a month ago. The position is not being filled, so I am pretty much the go-to guy on the Editorial side of therepublic.com for the foreseeable future.)" 

Here is another story with John as the subject October 2009... 

After The Republic runs a story boasting how awesome they are about advertising, they received a comment about how they won't be receiving any journalism awards - "won't be winning any journalism awards though... not with the way you only selectively cover current events here... really, it's a travesty - #1 reason I don't subscribe." said one man. He receive a response from our very own John Clark, self proclaimed "The Republic newspaper's local news editor" being dumbfounded. 

John's response "Sorry to hear that. If you ever have a story suggestion, you can contact me at jclark@therpeublic.com or 812-379-5769."

I can understand John's response but at best it was one that shouldn't have even happened, misleading those to think if they have a story it will be considered. It won't if it includes any big names around town or is a direct link with their pocketbooks - like advertising, no wonder they got all the awards. 

A response to the "sorry" comment was "Sure, let's start with the Trevor Foster story - not worthy of coverage? Decided to skip it since the big boys who will offer no follow-thru on the story at all decided to pick it up? Safe bet, right? Keeps you in good with the BCSC, right?"

John also received a story suggestion, which he later dismisses... oh John...

"Mr. Clark, I have a great story suggestion,, why not sit down with Mayor Brown and find out what she has changed and accomplished in this town since taking over the Mayors job ? Why not get the facts from ,, well,, the Lady her self,,??"

That is when Mr. Clark lets everyone know he is KING - "I am the person who assigns the local stories and supervises our reporters. To the best of my knowledge, we didn't hear about the story until after it was already over. If there is something new or worth a follow-up, I'd love to know about it.

As for your larger point, I have no interest in being "in good" with anyone and honestly I don't even know what that means. Nor do I know what a "safe bet" means in this context."

I think John is a liar, to claim being fair here "to the best of his knowledge" he didn't hear about the Foster story is an outrageous lie... They cover stories all the time that have been already covered in big media's constantly. 

Let's go over the he doesn't want to be in bed with anyone, cause again, another lie... they always want to be "In good" and have a "safe bet" and to deny he doesn't know what they mean is obsured. Let's talk about how the paper is a bully to other entities here in town, forcing local business to not advertise on other media outlets and if they do they won't run their ad's EVER AGAIN. 

Oh John response to the mayor story suggestion... "Mr. Collins, we did a story similar to that a few months ago, looking at her first six months in office. We did talk to her, supporters of hers and critics. I will see if I can dig up a link. We also continue to report on her continuing efforts, such as the arts district, the dismantling of CDI, the merit pay and other things she is trying to accomplish."

He is talking about the 9 month update Kristen sent in, but what wasn't mentioned was how she kicked the Cheer Fund and other events in town... but leave it to John saying he is in the dark when he knows exactly what is going on. 

John you are a disgrace and fall right down here with us... 


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Hmmm 13/02/2014 02:31:07
Wow Columbus Man - pretty critical of Mr. Clark. I am not an avid reader of this site but decided to get back on when the all of the politics started blowing up downtown over the last few months. I am surprised at the lack of coverage. There is quite a bit going on and you don't seem to be scratching the surface. Mellowing in your old age???
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
Felicity Langdon 20/02/2014 16:33:20
I believe you are being too harsh on John here. My husband used to be a reporter at that thing we call a newspaper. I can assure you, John hasn't been trying to hide anything. In fact, it's exactly the opposite. You have no idea how the reporters hands have been tied and how they've been told NOT to pursue stories including this whole Parks Department and Snappy business. Just notice how all the veteran reporters and photographers are not there anymore. Not one of them was fired. They all quit. Now why is that? Could it be that the publisher of the paper is close friends with a majority of city council members? Could it be you have a group editor and editor that aren't even from Columbus therefore don't care about the city? Instead of picking on John, who by the way is probably one of the nicest most upstanding people I've ever met, maybe you need to be asking why stories aren't being covered and look no further than the publisher. It all starts there and trickles down. The reporters are nothing more than worker bees.
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
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